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Taking a Furniture’s Splendor to the Next Level: Kincaid Furniture

If you are into fine wood furniture, then surely you have seen and have heard the name Kincaid. Kincaid is now one of the pioneers of modern U.S. furnitures; earning its reputation as a solid and very reliable name when it comes to furniture service.

White kincaid armchair

The company had its humble origins with just five employees on the entire company. George and Wade Kincaid, at that time, began making furniture such as cedar chests and wardrobes in a small building located in North Carolina. As it was in the contemporary modern industrial era, they were not actually the first furniture makers in the area. In fact, for the next decades to come, North Carolina will be known as one of the hubs of furniture manufacturing business; with almost 60% of all furniture distributed across the country manufactured right at this place. Consequently, this has become one of the tourist attractions in the area; and visitors often stop by furniture shops to look around and find some great furniture deals.
Kincaid wooden chair

Good quality, traditional styling and moderate price base is what the name Kincaid dictates to its customers. Despite the fact that Kincaid changes its styles from time to time, the furnitures that are manufactured are never trendy. Meaning, you are assured that your furniture won’t go bland in just a few years.

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  • Kincaid is a well known furniture brand. They make good quality products and, best of all, have moderate prices. I wonder if they make furniture for small patios. Nice blog. Thanks