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Kincaid primarily uses solid wood in making furniture. Plywood, veneers and laminates are used as structural elements; either for functional or decorative purposes. But their design are not only limited to the use of wood but other materials as well; such as metal, stone, marble, granite and other composite materials to use in conjunction with the wood to be used in the furniture.

Kincaid wooden chair

Kincaid has its furniture styles in five major categories: Traditional, European Country, Country, Casual/Contemporary, and West Indies. Traditional collections have classic styles such as sleigh beds and four posters; and the finishes are rich. Plus, the drawers have brass pulls. European Country collections have more ornate designs and include the Laura Ashley collection. Country collections have turned-post beds and nice oak finishes. Casual/Contemporary collections have simpler, American-styled furniture. Design of these collections resembles the Shaker and crafts pieces. West Indies however, only has one collection in the category: the Bermuda Triangle, a rich and exotic theme. Kincaid caters to almost all kind of preferences in furniture; and in addition to wood furniture, they also provide upholstery divisions, manufacturing upholstered sofas and chairs and even interchangeable slipcovers.
White kincaid armchair

If you happen to visit North Carolina for an official furniture shopping stroll, you can visit Kincaid’s new outlet at US 321 near Granite Falls. Globalization has now provided a much easier way of furniture production overseas; and Kincaid, along with all the other U.S. furniture manufacturing companies, are now adapting to the new trade-based economy. With this kind of environment in the world market theater, merging with other furniture companies is a way to increase odds of surviving in today’s marketing environment. Nevertheless, Kincaid still holds a strong foothold in the furniture manufacturing market; and the superb craftsmanship and beauty of their design are sure to make good products for their customers for many years to come.

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