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An Older Look for Wood Furniture


If you think that wood furniture is all that you can have, then think again. There are many ways as to how to improve the look of a single wood piece. One of the more popular wood designing is by doing “pickling.” What is pickling and how does it give a better appearance for your wood? You have to see by your self.

Antique wooden furniture

The steps are so easy but just like in any design, you have to be careful so as not to waste effort and time. Here is a simple do it yourself procedure on how to apply a pickling finish. First, you have to choose the color of paint you will apply to your wood. Although the usual shades used for pickling are thinned white or off-white, you can choose from all the lighter shades available. It is recommended that you use a latex paint that is water-based. Because of that, you have to thin the paint. You can do this by mixing it with water. It must be 25% thin.

The next thing to do is to prepare the wood piece you are going to apply pickling with. You can use a sander to remove the paint or simple sandpaper for a cheaper use. Once the paint is removed from the piece ofwood furniture, you could see some dust. You have to wipe off the dust before applying paint so you are sure of a fine coating. Once your wood and paint ready, you can now start applying the mixture on the wood furniture. Use a bristle brush when doing this.

But since you are aiming to achieve an older look of the wood, you have to remove most of the paint to make it appear lighter. You can do this by quickly wiping the surface with the use of a rag. Once the first application is complete, you have to wait for twelve to twenty-four hours. Next, you have to use sandpaper once again to sand the paint but gently this time so as not to remove the paint completely. You have to do the same process again of wiping off the dust then applying paint again for second coating.

Rustic furniture

Repeat the process as you wish because the more paint you apply, the more the paint is being absorbed by the wood, making it darker. To avoid your wood furniture from getting scratches or spills, you can apply water-based polyurethane. You can also apply a second coat of this. This pickling technique gives the best design to your wood by making it appear darker and older. This adds charm to your wood. Aside from that, the pickling strategy is very effective and is easy to do. What is more is that it is very affordable you can do it with just spending on the paint.

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