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7 Steps in designing the ultimate luxury bedroom


Everyone wants to experience luxury living. Who doesn’t? Even though luxury is often equated with money and more money, nonetheless, you can still enjoy a little bit of luxury living even if you don’t have tons of cash with you. Why don’t you start designing the ultimate luxury bedroom? You could transform your very own bedroom into a bedroom of your dreams. After all, your bedroom is your sanctuary and it is only right to experience luxury where you spend the most intimate things in your life.

So here are the 7 steps in :
1. Know what you want. The first step, of course, is to know what you desire in your dream bedroom. You can have a working idea on how your luxury bedroom may look like by searching on magazines and looking at the Internet. You could print out a picture of the room you want to copy or you may even combine different ideas that you saw. You don’t need to base other’s room as a whole. The important thing here is you have a clear picture on what you really want.

2. You have to set a budget for this bedroom makeover. It may need a little cash overlay. That is why you need to set a budget in order for you to recognize the amount that you can afford to spend for this makeover of your room.

3. Make a list of what you can do and what you have. Look at your walls, does it need a new paint to match your luxury bedroom or are you satisfied with the current state it is in? What materials do you currently have that you can use in designing the bedroom? What are the things in your room right now that you can still use or you can just let go? These are the things that you can look into.

4. Now that you know what you can do, you could start sketching on a piece of paper on how you would like your room to look like. You could ask a friend who knows decorating or you can even use the Internet to help you.

5. Pack some of the things like books, clothes and other items in a labelled box so that you can easily find them once you’re done with the organization inside the room. Likewise it would prevent cluttering of your things.

6. Start from your walls then to the bed and cabinets. Arrange them such that you will just add the other items. Basically this is your framework for the room.

7. Add decorations that you would like to see in your room. You could use matching pillow cases and bed sheets or you could buy fluffy pillows and soft comforters.

8. Add personal touches on the room. Add decors such as your own designed fish net that is not only unique but a statement as well.

Now that you have the ultimate luxury bedroom, why don’t you take pictures with it? You can even invite your friends to celebrate in your new luxurious room.

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