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Luxury Bedding For Style and Comfort


Today we have more choices in bedding than we can possibly handle. Bedroom decoration or redecoration can pose a lot of dilemmas with all the choices presented to us. There are numerous varieties of comforters and pillows that come in different thickness, quality and textures. Though one falls in love with the picture perfect bedding displayed in a magazine, we move on when we lay eyes on the price tags. But if we take a little time to find the facts, the amount we spend on the quality bedding will be well worth the investment. This is because the manufacturers craft bedding to meet the needs of their customers who want only the best. High quality bedding, though expensive, will be the highlight of the room and will withstand everyday use far, far better than store bought ones. Above all, they feel fantastic and bathe you in luxury and give you maximum comfort.

Oscar de la Renta's bedding

Today, bedrooms are not used just for sleeping. It is also the best place to curl up during the day with a favorite book or to watch television or to even have a romp with the kids. The décor of a bedroom has a major impact on our moods. Soft and quality fabrics, like egyptian cotton, warm colors and pleasing textures are essential for a peaceful and comfortable sleeping environment. To come up with a perfect bedroom décor, a lot of aspects have to be taken into consideration, like what kind of activities you plan for in the bedroom, what style and tone you want to set, what kind of colors and textures you want and most important, your budget.

Colors and textures play an important role in creating the perfect bedroom. Before investing on designer bedding, see that they complement the existing colors of your bedroom décor. You can create an entirely new look by choosing the right color and pattern for your bedding. For a country look you can select checks or stripes in greens, burgundy and tans. For a breezy seaside look, large prints with cool colors of blues and whites are best. For a contemporary look, geometric shapes in bold colors will give you a modern flair. Decorating a bedroom for a couple is all about compromise. While she is inclined towards pastels and flowers, he wants it to look as utilitarian as possible. The only way is to see that both gets a little of what they want by combining styles, colors and textures. If the duvet and cover are to his taste then throw in some decorative pillows which she can appreciate.

Luxury bedding

Another important aspect that you should know before purchasing luxury bedding is the thread count. You need to have a better understanding of thread count to make the right choice of bedding. Thread count is nothing but the number of threads that are woven lengthwise and widthwise in one square inch. A higher thread count does not mean that the bedding will have more finishing or comfort. A 200 thread count might be a better choice over a 500 or even a 600 thread count. Low thread count will result in softer textures and long lasting quality.

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