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A good fabric is what you would need to make your own curtain


Traditionally, curtains are connected to windows via curtain rods, in which the fabric is actually threaded onto the rod, giving it stability and to fix the curtain properly in place. Several alternatives however, have already been developed apart form this technique. One such example is by using clips and rings, instead of actually threading the fabric onto the curtain rod, you clip the fabric on one end and clip the other end to the rings attached on the curtain rod.

Black out curtains

If you have a ready made fabric, all you have to do now is to drape the fabric onto the window properly using any of the techniques in fixing your curtain to the window. If the fabric’s size is too big for the window, you might need to double-fold the fabric or cut the fabric, depending on the intended design of the curtain. Easy decorative techniques, like pinning the excess fabric onto another part of the fabric for added design, can also be applied. Design is very possible in more ways than one, by just using one or two fabrics for your curtain.
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If you are really on a budget, you can try other home alternatives. Old fabrics like old slipcovers of you bed and thin blankets can serve as fabric for a curtain that you wish to make. Of course, cutting them to the desired size would be necessary, but the application of the techniques is overall just the same, and you don’t even have to pay just to buy fabric! Just make sure that the fabric’s design would still match the entire room’s atmosphere.

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