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After decorating the room do you still find something missing? Then adding new colourful curtains and window coverings will do the trick. You will find the entire change in the appearance of the room with fresh and cool curtains adorning the windows.

These are actually the most economical way to spruce up your room; and make it look more appealing and elegant. Let your creative instincts take over and come up with new distinctive ideas to make the room look enchanting; and matchless by adding new curtains and window drapes.

[one_half_first]Designer curtain rods and accompanying clips are used by and large to get the classic and chic look. The clips help to hang the fabric in hemmed form or without the hem. Rods made of iron and styled after gothic patterns are the trend nowadays. The rods and the clips with the fabric in the form of hemmed or without hem give the place a complete exquisite look. If you are the romantic type; then try one of the long white sheets available in the local stores which give an enchanting and alluring look without costing much.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

You can give added touches to it like tying red ribbons or pullbacks which further enhances the dreamy look. Even with the regular fabrics the ribbons or ties will give a total stunning and gorgeous appearance.

Curtains and window coverings

Curtains and window coverings also come with loops in them which can be slid through the rods without the clips and this is easier to handle. You can add buttons or ribbons to it to make it more appealing.

Speciality papers are also used in makiGirl's room curtainng the curtains and window coverings. There are many types of paper which include hand made ones and also rice papers. These form blinds which are semi transparent and add beauty to your existing décor. Though these are very costly they are worth the money and also save you lot of time you spend making up your own curtains. Some come with added features like threads, leaves or glitter attached to them. You can take the required size and string it to a wire and hang them.

Roman curtainsVenetian blinds with hand painting done on them are another popular option which lightens up the entire room. These hand- painted ones are very high priced and the alternative is to do some painting yourself by spraying some colors on them to give a natural look. You can even make your own designs and paint them. The curtains and coverings on the window change the entire look of the room and the more time you spend on decorating them the more beautiful the room will appear.

Add Elegance and Style with Beaded Curtains

If you want a drastic and colourful change to your décor then try using beaded curtains for your windows. These change the entire backdrop into an exotic setting. Beaded curtains originate from Asia where they have been in use for many years. The West started to use these beaded curtains only in the 1960s. The curtains basically were made of strings of beads attached to a rod. Adding different colors to the same string or choosing curtains of a single color or in any pattern these beaded curtains look enchanting.

Beaded curtain for a girl's roomYou can use them on both doors and windows as they suit any setting. Commercial places like restaurants or shops use these curtains as dividers to hide the kitchen or the storage area from view. In houses too these can be used as dividers in your drawing room or as a cover for your closets. These come in handy in decorating small areas which require a lot of partitions. With Feng Shui being in vogue the beaded curtains have risen up in the popularity charts. In Feng Shui if you go through a beaded curtain you will feel relaxed and calm with all the stress of the workday leaving you. The beads are supposed to give a positive energy when air comes in contact with these beads.

Bead used for curtains

The beads used for these curtains are made of various types of material. You can get beads made of glass, plastic and wood. Beads are also available in crystal, gemstone and acrylic forms. You can choose from these various collections, blending one or two or choosing one particular make. These beads are very affordable and if you want to make one on your own then you can do this very easily at your home. Moreover you can use your creativity and produce a lot of eye-catching curtains giving your room style and class.

Another advantage of using these curtains is that you can maintain them easily. These are washable and you can repair them easily when torn. Also you can replace your old one with a new one if you get bored with the same look or if the curtain is damaged. This is possible because these are quite economical and easy on your purse. So go ahead and splurge on these beaded curtains giving your home an elegant and chic look.

Pocket Curtains is one of the most stylish trends for draping

Nowadays, the tab top pocket curtains is one of the newest, neatest, and most stylish trends for draping. It is also being featured in almost each and every home décor mail order catalog; this is the kind of window treatment that offers us a casual elegance that already exists in some modern homes. We should change out our old dusty drapes with some crisp linen which is such a great way to create some makeover in our rooms. And if we already have new window coverings in our home, we’ll then find the advantages of adding the pocket curtains, for us to go far beyond the interior decoration.

Cheerful cafe curtainAdding some curtains is a very practical way to help our home stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

And if we would want our curtains to accomplish these goals of adding some style and efficiency in our home; we could have a heavy dense fabric or even purchase a light- blocking fabric from our local yardage store.

But then, before we ever rush off to the fabric store; we should first measure the height and width of our windows.

We will need these measurements to calculate how much fabric we should buy.

It is also a must to double the measure of the width of our window and then add six inches with our windows height; and lastly add some allowances for our seams.

When we already have the dimensions for the body of our drapes, we could now start by simply cutting our panels to fit our windows. We should not also forget to add the seam allowances to avoid ending up our project that won’t fit our window.

The tab top should be cut 9” long and 3” wide. This measurement should also include a half-inch seam allowance on each of its sides. We will need to cut two pieces for each tab -from it front and back-; and at the same time we will also need a tab with at least six inches.

Sewing the curtain pockets

And once that we already have all our panels hemmed up, we can now begin sewing the pockets on. We should now hem the top edge of our pocket; and press the seam allowances on its remaining four sides. We could use an L or even a T-square just to make sure that our pockets are plumb as we are positioning them on the drapes.

And now, we can now use straight pins to hold it in place until we get it at the sewing machine; or we can also use a hem tape which is an iron-on product that helps us eliminate sewing altogether.

This is a great set of tips for a very easy and convenient way in doing our own tab top pocket curtains to decorate our home. Now, we don’t have to expend too much money just to achieve a very elegantly looking house that will surely attract a lot of people.

Rods and Finials for your Hanging Curtains

Most often we do not give the same care and effort in choosing the rods and finials as we do on the curtains. In fact, these two components of window treatments often go unnoticed or ignored.

This is because when the curtain rods get concealed by the particular type curtains we choose; most of us do not go to the trouble of choosing or spending more than what is absolutely necessary on the curtain rods that are not going to be visible anyway.

But later on when your taste changes and you want to put up a different curtain style as bamboo curtains; say a button tabbed curtain, the cheap and ugly curtain rods will be revealed in all its glory.

To avoid this mishap, it is better to choose curtain rods with finials that match your curtains in style and quality. The right curtains and finials will enhance the curtains; as well as your windows and display them to their best advantage.

Curtain railRods and finials are available in a wide range of colors, materials and styles. While some curtain rods are made to be concealed; others are designed to enhance the décor with elaborate or elegant decorations and eye-catching colors.

If you choose a curtain rod that is decorative and meant to be displayed; then it is best to hang the curtains from the rods with the help of decorative curtain rings.

The best way is to choose your curtains, rods and finials at the same time to avoid any mismatches.

By choosing them together you can find curtains and rods that complement each other perfectly.

Elegant curtain rodIf you have no idea what a finial is; then you will be surprised to know that they are nothing but the official name of the decorative end pieces of a curtain rod. These finials are available in numerous varieties; ranging from simple and elegant to highly decorative.

They are also available in a wide range of materials including wrought-iron, wood, glass and plastic. There are different types of finials like the hook, the swirl, the dagger and the ball or onion.

Their price also varies widely from very cheap plastic models to very expensive pieces that are fancy and highly decorative. Though the final choice depends on your budget; you should also make sure to choose the curtain rods and finials to blend well with your curtains and the décor of your home.


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