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3 options to decorate your child’s room


Parents would certainly want to give the best childhood experience for their kids. They would want them to enjoy their childhood and allow them to make the most of their youth. True enough, kids must have their best time during their younger years. It is those years when they can play around, go around while everybody is loving them.

It is the only time in their lives when all they want to do is have fun and enjoy everything around them. So, you, as parents, must try to keep up with what they enjoy the most. You must be able to relate to them, to understand what thrills them so they would never forget their childhood days. A person can only be a kid once, right? So, teach them how to enjoy their young life. Start with their private world: their bedroom.

Decorating your child's room

There is no better bonding than to teach your children with the do-it-yourself decorating of their rooms.

People nowadays are fussing about how they will decorate their kids’ rooms. It is a very challenging task because you have to take into consideration what their kids will feel on their new room. Also, they have to take note what their kids want like their favorite color, cartoon character and stuff like that.

A room designed with the tropical sea

Of course, room designs always come with specific themes, most likely the interest of the one who uses the room. However, one of the best do-it-yourself bedroom themes is the tropical sea. Most kids love the sea, and designing their rooms with sea fish furniture, figurines, wallpapers, and other decorations will certainly brighten their private world. With the term do-it-yourself, you may ask them to express their own creativity by letting them make their own designs. However, if you want to have more intimate yet fun bonding moments with your kids, you can help them do the designs.

Now that you have that do-it-yourself kids’ theme for their bedrooms, which is the tropical sea, you can now start with your kids the first steps of decorating. Where would you start? What about designing the entire room with a wallpaper designed with the tropical sea and other images of sea creatures? For men boys, you can choose a Nemo-printed wallpaper while for girls, you can have a wallpaper with the images of Little Mermaid. If you want to do away with fictional characters, you can just settle with sea creatures.

After that, you can choose the same design for the bed sheet, the blanket, and the pillows for the bed. You can also add some stuff toys of fishes, sea horses, octopus to further maintain the tropical sea concept within the bed. The same design can also be applied to the curtains. Choosing tropical sea design for the curtains will only look a little disorganized. You can choose from a wide variety of fish furniture to display on the tables, hang on the walls, and put inside the cabinets to establish the theme. These decors will add beauty to the room and the kids will certainly be amazed by how realistic their tropical sea room is.

Personalized name wall décor for kids’ room

If you want another option you can try a wall decoration with a personalized name for the children's room! This is easy to set up and easy to find for your convenience and is sure to match your desired style!

Is the new trend in interior design. It adds personal touch to your house because it gives you the sense of total ownership of the place. It is very important to feel that way especially for the kids because this is their safe place, their own place wherein they can do what they want and where they are the only and real masters. Also, personalized name empowers the kids ’thought about their room, make them feel at ease with it. Surely, this will add a mesmerizing effect especially if you will combine the personalized name wall decorations to other ornaments and designs in the children bedroom. You just have to make sure that the color combinations fit and connect to each other.

Designing a Bug-Themed Bedroom for Kids

If you are looking for a colorful, fun, and cute theme for your kid’s bedroom, a bug-themed bedroom might just be the thing for you. To start your room getting the “buggy” atmosphere, paint the ceiling and maybe even the higher parts of the wall a light blue to make it seem like the sky. You can incorporate clouds, birds, and even the occasional commercial airliner if so you wish. The lower part of the wall may be painted lush green to provide a grassy effect. 

You can purchase wall stickers of different bugs and critters that you can scatter all over the wall against the green backdrop. You can also overlap flowers and leaves to make it a little more lively and colorful. If you have bug posters, you can also place them in large spaces of the walls that will be hard to cover with little bug pictures. It would also be a good idea to hang some pictures of your outdoor activities as a family or maybe your kid’s pictures at camp on a special section of the room. For window treatments, you can use mosquito netting or butterfly netting. These come in a variety of colors so you can color coordinate them with the entire room. For corner pieces, you can get a toy or big stuffed tree that can stand on its own. You can a put long, soft, curly snake on this. You can also put other fun characters like happy lizards, a trail of ants, and even cute little baby birds on a nest.

A cute idea for accessories is to hang some from the ceiling. Toy replicas of butterflies, dragonflies, and other flying insects would be very interesting accents of the room if you hang them on different corners. To contrast this, you can put stuffed toys in the shapes of frogs, snakes, and worms on the floor. For a whimsical bug lighting effect, you can use table lamps with bug themed bases and shades. There are some that have special features like glow in the dark insects and insect sound alarms.

To coordinate all of the fabric of the room, get bedding that has the most number of different insects that you can find. With this main ingredient having all of the different insects, you can then choose the smaller items with specific insect themes. You can have bug pillows, a butterfly headboard, worm and snakes carpeting, frog trunks, and lizard shelves. You can also bet hold of bug-themed toys and electronic devices that you can use in the room. You can find items like bug-themed jigsaw puzzles, lifelike insects that make different noises, and 3-D ant farm tunnels.

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