Game Room Décor: Fun filled Ideas

In the past, game rooms were considered to be a luxurious addition to your home and those that were present had usually a billiards corner and of course a couch to relax in. And mostly they were put up at the basement area. But with recent advancements in technology the game room is geared up with the latest in electronic science. You can see a big LCD TV, play stations and audio systems that sport all Hi-Fi features. Though space constraint has pushed the old billiard table out, you can still see them in a few households.

Modern game room style

A game room is where you meet up with friends and also this is where the family comes together probably on weekends to play a game or two. You can set up a table to play chess or cards. There are soccer and air hockey tables too. These do not take up much space like the billiards. A jukebox can also be put in if you can afford it. These liven up the room and help you spend the day having fun.
So how do you decorate the game room? What colors are good for the game room? Here are some useful tips that you may want to employ in decorating your game room.

Color is the first consideration. Stick to bright colors like green, orange or yellow. Never do up the room in dark shades. Dark colors give a dull appearance and who wants a game room to be dull? But don’t go overboard with the light colors, especially orange. Try to get a light and fun filled atmosphere to the room. You can highlight the color with cool borders which have pictures of tables, balls, bats and even cards. This will make the room animated and bubbly.

Kids game room

If you have enough space for it, you can try dividing the room into two distinct areas, one for the board tables and one where you can watch the TV or where the kids can play video games. An interesting option is connecting all this to a home theater, to enhance the fun experience. This way you can have the whole family engaged and having fun, without one encroaching upon the space of the other. A jukebox is a welcome addition if you can afford it. A stereo and a karaoke unit will add fun and bring joy to you and your kids. You can invite your friends over and get their help in decorating the room. With the family members and friends joining in the whole idea of decorating the game room will indeed be a fun filled and exhilarating one!


decorating game room

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