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A pleasant working space can be inviting and encouraging


It will make you feel relaxed and ready for a stressful day ahead. Here are some useful tips you can do to design a home office that will encourage you to work harder:

1. Design your home office according to your work – if you are an engineer, architect, interior designer and the like, you will need a spacious table to put on all your drafting papers. If you are a wedding planner of any field involving meeting up with clients, it will not be nice to meet them in your house; you can do that at cafes and restaurants, instead.

Office furniture

2. Plan a right corner inside your home – you can use an extra room inside the house to be your office. If you do not have one, you can use a room which is rarely used. Basements can be a good choice but humidity can be a disturbing problem.
3. Get the right furniture – your desk should be spacious enough. Your chair should make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Back pains are the common problem of home office users. Make sure your computer is within eyeing level to keep your eyes from being tired.
Decorating the office

4. You should have proper lightings – a well-lit workplace is a must. Natural lights can do so much for you; you can choose a corner of the house with natural lights coming. This can also save you from paying much in electricity. Poor lights can strain your eyes so better put some lights on top or at the back of your computer.
5. Keep a tidy and well-organized thing – hide unwanted wires properly. A clean place is more relaxing.

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