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15 Tips to Design a Home Office that Encourages you to Work Harder


In this modern era a lot of us do more than just work in our regular office. You really need to work hard to make it in the modern age. That’s why a lot of us have dedicated home offices. Some of do things like blogging, freelancing, business while other have to complete some of their office work at home as well and then there are people who are just workaholics. Whichever kind you may be you deserve more than just a piece of metal desk and extra chair stuffed into a corner. You deserve a home office that not only encourages you to work harder but also makes you feel comfortable while you burn the midnight oil. Plus an office that motivates you can do wonders for you and your work. Anyway here are 15 tips to design a home office that encourages you to work harder.

1. Location

[one_half_first]You’ll probably spend many hours in your home office, so don’t deprived yourself of space. Consider your abilities as well. Do you like working in crowded places or do you prefer silence and tranquility. Be a bit practical, if a client will be stopping by then a private sitting and ample space is a must. Having a proper location in your house to set up your office can really motivate you and allow you to work harder. Say for example you feel motivated seeing your kids so you might want to set up office in a place where you have clear view of your kids, so you get a reminder every now and then about what you’re working for. So proper location is important.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

2. Form over function

Your desk, shelves and storage are there to serve you not the other way around. Don’t sacrifice form for function. Take into account your workflow and items you may need at your fingertips before you decide to invest in any furniture and then look for pieces that provides beauty and function. If your home features traditional décor, warm wood and soft, comfy chairs or a loveseat are ideal if you have the space. Home offices should complement your house not make it look like a soulless cubicle.

3. Inspired by nature

Try to design your office a room that has freshness, has plenty of light. Has designs that inspire nature, so that when you work you get that natural feel, you don’t feel like someone that has been cooped up in an office for days but rather someone that’s taking a stroll in the park. So try to have natural design.

4. A great sitting arrangement

Invest in a great chair. Let’s face it, you’ll spend hours in your office chair, so it a must that you spend well on the best chair available. When buying a chair keep comfort, beauty, health and functionality in mind. Buy a chair that makes you feel like boss, that makes you feel like you’re a king ready to sit on your throne and rule your kingdom that is your office. So, investment in a great chair is never a waste of your money.

5. Paint with your favorite color

Forget the office norm. You need a color that makes you think I am ready to work and gets your blood pumped up. So when you painting the walls of your home office, choose a color that makes you feel motivated, happy and makes the place lively rather than a grey uninspiring dump. You should choose a color that enhances the beauty of you work area and home in general.

6. Add some graphic elements

Try putting some inspiring graphic letters in your home office. You can put the graphic letters in varied sizes for a different, inspiring and attractive look. These graphic letters should be something that gives you instant motivation when you look at them. So whenever you feel tired staring at the computer or your files you can just look around you and instantly feel motivated. So, give this idea a go.

7. Give yourself warmth

Don’t put your office in a cold dark corner or somewhere where you need to be air conditioned all the time. Put your office where you get some natural warm from the outside like beside a window or somewhere in your house that has constant natural warmth. Staying in an air conditioned room all is not only hazardous to your heath but also will make you feel bored and artificial. Give yourself some natural warmth. You never felt tired when you were a kid playing outside because you were in contact with nature, so just imagine the same feeling but from your office. Worth a shot, isn’t it?

8. An awesome view

Give yourself a good view. Place your home office where you can stare at something more interesting than a blank wall. If your home is beside a small forest, mountain or somewhere with a wonderful natural view than it’s a good idea to position your office near a window so you can look out when you need to. If you don’t have that then maybe somewhere from where you can see your wife. She would be a pretty thing to look at. Either of these will get you motivated although one more than the other. In any case make sure you have a good view.

9. Choose home friendly accessories

You never really feel tired in the comfort of your own home. So why not make your home office look more like a home than an office. You can do just that simply by choosing homey accessories like a beautiful mug for a pencil holder, trendy notepads, sticky notes and a decorative waste basket. Have a gorgeous fabric wrapped around your bulletin board. Hang inspirational prints on the walls like your kids drawing or a classic painting. These things are sure to get you motivated and working hard.

10.Focusing on art

Having art in your home office can really provide some inspiration. Modern sculptures rest on the desk and credenza. An abstract painting on the wall. Certain piece of art can really make your office look inspirational and help you keep your grove on.

11. Vertical and horizontal organization

Home offices normally don’t have a lot of space so it’s crucial to make use of every square inch. So, try to use space efficiently. Hang shelves on the walls to get papers and office equipment off the desk and you can use vertical file folders on the desk to keep important papers close by. You have a habit of piling your papers then get a nice basket to manage your mail, notes and papers. Wooden or metal cube storage is a good substitute for bookshelves, since each space can be used for books, knickknacks, or baskets of odds and ends.

12. Tech management

You can’t do much to make your computers, printers and phones look pretty by you can hide the unsightly cords. You can start by making sure that your equipment is close to outlets and have easy access if you need to unplug. You can encase cords on the desk with a pretty fabric. Use a plastic or metal cap that can help guide the cords through a hole in your desk so that you can hide them underneath. Using the cord winders, tame the cord jungle on the floor. You can also use tubing or a wire organizer that’s attached to the desk and lifts the cords off the floor.

13. Let some light in

Place your office near a window or in a room with lots of natural light. Trust me some light will lift your mood and give you more energy to work harder.

14. Inspiration den

Surround you home office with things that inspire you. For example if you like hunting why not decorate your office with hunting trophies and traditional furnishing. If you’re a tech guy, surround yourself with the latest technology.

15. Keep order

Keeping everything orderly can do wonders for you. When was the last time you saw something orderly and it made you feel bad. Keeping everything in order will give you a positive energy, a beautiful view and a drive to work harder.

As the new era goes on, more and more people are starting to build their businesses within their homes. Most of the people these days are working from home regardless of their status in life; they want to maximize their time with their family that is why they chose to stay at home with them and still earn the same amount they earn in a typical office.

Designing your home office can be very exciting especially if you are doing it with your family. Although there are lots of things to consider in making a home office for your small business needs, you do not have to be anxious because you are working for the benefit of your family and not for your own personal reasons.

Office furniture
Suffering from Monday blues can be minimized, nowadays; because you can now work from home. You can easily manage your time and your sleeping habits. You do not need to hurry for breakfast and bump into the traffic dilemma just to reach the office on time. By working from home, you can work in your pajamas, while having breakfast or while watching over your kids.

Decorating home offices with two themes

Dual themed rooms are quite exciting to do, but are also quite risky. Since a home office’s main function is to provide you with a working environment, decorating home offices with two themes might prove to be quite a difficult task. Use dual themes ONLY if you really know what you are doing otherwise, stick to the basics. This is mainly recommended for people who would like to get out of the norms of normal room decorating
Remember that although your home office deserves a good style and decoration, you must never decrease its overall functionality. After all, it is still and office and several of your everyday work routines are done at that room. Never sacrifice functionality for aesthetics in this part.

Office computer desk
Better yet, inject both functionality and elegance in your rooms by providing decorative alternatives to otherwise functional articles in the room. Good lighting and proper brightness of the room is one aspect of a productive home office. Well organized work items and furniture should be neatly organized and are always maintained to keep their proper arrangements in place. Other work related items like files and documents are to be kept properly and should be stored in their proper shelves or cabinets. Certain articles like lights, tables, cabinets and other related articles for these kinds of functions may be chosen to suit the theme of the room, and therefore combining the best of both aesthetics and functionality.

Home Office Makeovers: from Functionality to Style and Glamour

Home offices warrant more decorative ideas than one might actually think. Though they may be rooms of functionality, it is not really a bad idea to sprinkle it with a little color and sparkle that every rooms deserve to have. Here are some good pointers for you to start decorating home offices.

Office furnitureFirst, decide on a theme that well suits the type of work that you are doing in your home office. This could be either by the actual profession that you do, or by what type of clients you are dealing with. Some modern home office designing has now made it possible for certain room themes to suit almost any kind of field or profession the room’s owner would be. If you are unsure of what style you are going to do to decorate your home office, then it is recommended that you take these “flexible” themes first.
Next, make sure that every color of each article in the room is in their proper place. Of course, this goes on without saying, because generally planning on a theme already provides the necessary color combinations for your home office, but then again it might not, especially if the design or themed that you have chosen presents several varieties of the style. Having different ways to decorate offices using only one style or theme might confuse you, but carefully noting the color combinations of the articles can help you know if certain combinations are not complimentary with each other.

Feng shui at home office

Feng shui is an olden Chinese way of life, which thinks that the arranging and physical characteristics of a home influence the destiny of the owner. With this feng shui home office decorating strategy, you can accomplish more prosperity, better wellbeing, and contentment by affecting how energy runs all the way through your home or garden. In recent times, people around the planet have begun to glimpse the benefits of using feng shui methods in their very own homes. To plan for most advantageous results, you need to gain knowledge of the essential feng shui areas, and what each one is a symbol of, and decorating home office feng shui, room or garden. Grant your life a little yang if you wish for more energy. Open the curtains or blinds and allow the sun shine in as frequently as possible.

Feng Shui officeGreen plant life in your home will stimulate yang, bringing you joyfulness and contentment. Yang can as well be achieved from music, water, air, mirrors, wind chimes, bright colors and flowers. This is an additional to decorating home office feng shui. Position your desk so as you do not have your backside to the door. This is the least feng shui condition for the office furniture. Be as well aware of not facing a wall at the same time as working at your desk. If you really have to face the wall, make use of feng shui to make the wall disappear by means of lively images, stunning art, etc; no matter what brings a smile to your face and makes you breathe deeper and calmer.

By means of the principles of Feng Shui on your own desk, be it in a place of work or a home office is a powerful technique to catch the attention of prosperity. By means of a little concern in how you put in order the items on your desk, you possibly will be able to draw attention in more business, and as a result more money. The west part of the desk is related with finances, and so is a perfect place for money, checks and everything else related to money. To further give emphasis to financial prosperity, put the desk in the prosperity spot of the room. You can also put a crystal bowl, plant, miniature water fountain or pricey piece of art on the prosperity area of the desk, because these things symbolize, and as a result attract, prosperity.

And for the reason that the color red is related with prosperity, bright red items as well emphasize financial achievement, and placing them in the upper left-hand area in decorating home office feng shui may increase financial fortune. Feng Shui is designed to get better in all of portions of life, from wellbeing to relationships to finances. While the main belief of Feng Shui does not have the assurance of on the spot financial achievement, they can help out create an ambiance favorable to achieving wealth. Patience and hard work will still be necessary, other than the course of action possibly will be quicker and easier, and the rewards may perhaps be better than ever expected.

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