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A way that the flora is arranged all around the garden



The flora that are available for landscaping around the garden are not just the one that you can plant to the ground; because you can use some kinds of potted plants as well, if it fits the profile for your landscaping design.

Some larger shrubs for garden may even be found in pots; and they can simply be carried over to another place if you need a quick fix of the landscape. In the same manner, if you have several stands that vines and some “floating” plants to use; then you can have a couple of plants arranged in a symmetrical manner. So, what if we talk about all these options and more?

Creating a Garden Similar to the Eden

[one_half_first]Do not just limit yourself to pure flora. There are also many kinds of decorations that you can use to fully augment the natural theme of your green landscape; decorations that are custom fit for outdoor decoration specifically. You can try putting several vases along strategic points in the entire garden.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

This way, you can integrate the flora parts to the non-flora parts well; yet adding to the total beauty of the design that you had envisioned.

These are simply some pointers and a start for you to start thinking up good ideas for a good green landscape project. The extent of what you can do could be potentially limitless, but you’ll be cautious about the expenses and the actual size of the area that you can work on.

Therefore, here we will talk about several examples but without touching the subject of the budget, because the prices will change depending on your country. In any case, I recommend using online stores but do not be surprised by the price of the flowers; these vary according to the place where you are and the season in which you are.

Buying flowers is a totally different subject and deserves its own article, but today we will talk about the creation of the landscape that reminds us of the Eden.

So, to be able to do something really beautiful; the first thing is to dress correctly for it. You will need the following:

  • Garden gloves and boots
  • Kneepads
  • Spoon
  • Shovel
  • Hand rake

If you plan to start a garden from scratch, then you need to know that you will need other elements to prepare the land. In that case, it is best to go to your local store to have the items according to the weather and the ground in which you live.

They can even give you useful tips to help you choose the plants best suited to your type of climate; because if the frosts are very violent or very hot all year round, you will not be able to use the same plants that I use at home.

Organizing the Garden

First make sure what kind of plants you have, sun or shade? They will determine the organization of your plants. And do not forget to use black mesh to prevent the growth of grass.

It is important that at all times the tall plants go in the back. When you need to place a plant of sun and that also gives you some privacy; I recommend the use of oranges.

They withstand abrupt climate change very well; Of course, if that area is a zone of constant shade at all times of the day, do not use or wilt.

The flowering plants go forward, you must take into account that in your garden can exist several environments; everything always depends on the space you have available.

When it comes to flower bulbs, it is good to delimit that sector of your garden with pine bark and/or with decorative stones.

A good option is to place a deck around the center of a stay in your garden near the flora. In this way you guarantee that weeds will not grow; you will have a beautiful and beautifully decorated space, but also very healthy.

Using grass in the garden

It is not something that is always necessary; in fact many times you can have a garden with potted plants and well-defined paths to circulate.

The absence of grass will also detract from the likelihood of grass growing. But, when you have children; it is important to give them a space to play in the garden.

Knowing how to handle the grass is very important; so the recommendation we make here at Decorating Visita Casas is that you create a totally different and separate environment for your floral plants.

Even if it is very discreet, you can completely isolate the garden from the pasture; but if you really want your garden to look completely green then the best option is to have the plants in pots.

Creating a modular garden

A very daring alternative to combat the climate and bad grass, is to keep your plants in pots. Make them part of the decoration. In landscaping, it is not something that is widely used; but I have seen how it is used and believe me: it works.

The first thing to know is that plants have character, many do not like to be moved from one place to another constantly.

However, there are those that need to be sheltered during the winter; this type of plant is the best option to have on a modular floral garden.

Arrange the decoration of your garden using this type of plants; and draws a decorative line that adapts according to the season. Outdoor when it is summer, under the roof of the deck during the winter.

In your planning, locate really tall and leafy plants that can fill the “empty” spaces when your modular garden passes from one point to the other.

Adding more complex details to our garden

Lighting is a key factor in all landscaping work, however; when dealing with nature so closely, what we least want is to ruin it with a bunch of cables hanging from the branches.

For those cases where you want to highlight the beauty of your plants at night, there are solar lights.

These LED lights are not uncomfortably bright and can be added as naturally as possible: burying them. Or better said, nailing them to the ground.

Designed exclusively for the work of landscaping, they possess a kind of sword that is buried to the earth; you can add them directly to the flower pots.

At the top they have a photocell that recharges the battery during the day; and this battery gives them autonomy during the next 8 hours of darkness. Although the darkness of the night lasts more or less depending on the time of year; you can count on an alternative that combines in perfect balance technology and nature.

We at Decorating Visita Casas recommend them because they are one step closer to that perfect scenario where technology integrates with nature and does not impose itself.

Do you have any particular ideas for decorating your garden? We would like to know what kind of flowers you use in your climate and how many sections you have dedicated to gardening.

Do you grow your own food? Write us and we will answer any questions you may have; And if you want us to help you design the landscape in your garden do not hesitate to get in touch.


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