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Welcoming the Spring Season: Suggestive Green Landscaping Ideas

Remodeling can be a very fun and rewarding activity, especially if it’s your first time; and compared to the other three seasons, spring always represents rebirth, and rejuvenation after the long dark and cold winter months. As we all know, this is the season where ice starts to thaw and vegetation starts growing across the land once again; and it is the perfect season to start trimming those gardens for yet another splash of marvelous green landscaping. Only in Decorating Visita Casas, we have decided to bring you a collection of ideas to build a beautiful spring passage.

Of course, do not forget that these are only ideas, even if some of our advice is very pleasing to you or you do not like it at all; it is good that you take a whole walk for all our opinions, since they will be of great help to obtain that inspiration that you look for so much.

Bringing Spring Magic to Your Garden

[one_half_first]Determine the combination of colors that you plan to use in the entire landscape. Since it is spring there are quite a variety of different floras that can produce the exact color combinations that you want; and all you need is imagination to know which colors complement each other properly. Oh, and do not forget that green is always included in your color list.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

At least that’s the most basic advice we could give you when advising you on building a spring landscape. You have to imagine the design first on paper, laying out the designs according to the total area of your garden; or according to the area that you can cover for your landscaping project.

The designs are usually made of simple shapes that are arranged all around the area; as long as the general layout pleases the eye. If you cannot come up with an accurate model of your plan, you may have to hire a specialist to aid you. But if you want the help of a professional without having to pay an exaggerated sum of money; then just read on, because we will address several concepts with which we have worked and that give a precious end result.

Prepare your garden before spring

Landscaping should begin before spring even comes; only so you can have a scenario suitable to start correctly. The previous preparation is as important as the execution, so pay attention to the following tips.

One of the most damaged elements is grass. It is negatively affected by frost, soil compaction and fungi. Therefore, we must do work to recover it.

The first step to prepare and recover the soil under our lawn is to put out branches; this procedure should be done without hesitation and sinking the gardening tool at least 2. This will bring oxygen to the roots while the soil is compacting.

It is necessary to verify the consistency of the earth; if you notice that you should make it lighter, then you should apply a lime-based soil improve. That besides fertilizing and some good soil; then all the products must be integrated with the gardening tool.

Plants that begin to bloom

At the end of the winter there are plants that begin to bloom, if you have any of them in your garden; to create a good landscaping, and then you must apply fertilizers rich in potassium. This way you will extend the life of the flowers, improve the quality and also improve the quality of them.

A clear example is the plants of Daphne. Its flowering is very fragrant and beautiful, but it looks better when there is abundance. For the rest of the plants that bloom later, it is best to wait for the first shoots to appear before applying the fertilizer.

Plants that have lost their luster

From loss of foliage to scorched leaves and leaves and even fading; the plants that suffer most during the frost seem to be impossible to save.

However, in order to recover them, only a bio-stimulant needs to be added; natural hormones that will increase the levels of nutrient absorption and water in the plant. This type of product also increases the natural defenses of the plant. Allowing to you to recover from the frost, pest attack and even of the drought.

But remember that you must cut off all the branches that have that horrible appearance of burning. And taking advantage that you have the pruning shears in the bush; also you must cut the hedges, everything that excels of its form must be removed so that they continue developing according to your needs. That is, if you cut the hedges at foliage level, you will make them grow taller; if on the other hand you cut the height, you will increase their foliage.

What plants should I plant in the spring for my Landscaping project?

Since we speak of landscaping, surely you will want to plant species that have beautiful flowers; you will also want them to last a long time, so let’s start by talking about a beautiful plant that will last beautiful until summer.


One of the most beautiful features of petunia is its variety of colors. From yellow with nuanced and in dark tones including red.


It is one of the plants that serve to “upholster”, that is to say; stretch rapidly and the beauty of its flower when it opens completely because it hardly any color green.

The smallest of these types of plants is definitely their ability to change the aspect of the landscape quickly.

Hanging plants

Many people obviate the detail of beauty that can be added hanging plants depending on the angle at which they look. And it is one of the techniques used by landscapers to make the most of space; is to include several plants in the same hanging planter.

That way you not only get more frondiness, but ensure a very beautiful color variety; as one of them loses its flowers with the passage of the months, the hanging flower pot can be rotated to better appreciate the rest of the flowers.

Mixed Planters

The same concept that applies to hanging plants, can apply to much larger pots. At present and for reasons of spaces; many landscapers look for ways to combine several colors and several species in the same planter.

In this sense, the planter itself also becomes an important part of the decoration. For garden corners or even inside the house, it is best to use tall, round pots.

For the edges of the wall where you can create a long decorative line, the planters with elongated rectangular shape are perfect. But what flowers can be planted together?


We must place plants that serve both seasons and have a long life; those that last until the summer. One of the most efficient options (since it attracts hummingbirds) is farinaceous salvia; this beautiful plant is one of those that will last until the summer.

Plants should always be placed by the largest plant; if it is a plant of long duration, then it should also be the central figure. Sage splendens is another great choice to place inside a single flower pot. Its flowers also last until the summer and it complements beautifully with the farinácea salvia.

The lower plants can be used as cover for the sides and; although most may bloom only for three months, the green touch will look great with the rest of the colors.

And remember, this is only the work of a planter; now imagine big and then you will notice that the options to create a landscape are really incalculable. If you are a garden lover, prepare your landscape from late winter and start thinking about what plants you will use.


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