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14 Ideas for Slipcover Fitting Sofas and Furniture


Loose fit slipcovers or sofa slipcovers that claim to be “one size fits all” things seem to be the best solution for sofa and chair decoration.  They are usually very affordable and available in various colours, styles and sizes, and once you understand how to put them on correctly are very beautiful to look at. However, they often seem to refuse to stay in place and so may look wrinkled, rumpled, or just plain askew, especially when someone decides to jump or hop on them… making you very frustrated. To solve this problem, here are 14 ideas and tips to help you in the difficult craft of slipcover fitting.

Washing the slipcovers before using them


It may be useful to wash the slipcovers before putting them on the chairs or on the sofa. Remember to dry them carefully, as this will help reduce the wrinkles you may see on them. If necessary try to iron them, after making sure that the slipcovers material will not be damaged by the heat.

Then, you should place the dry slipcovers on your chairs or sofa making sure to put them at the centre. Once you have done so, try to arrange the cover while tucking and smoothing it until you are satisfied with the result.

Washing the slipcovers before using them, but leaving them damp

 On the contrary, some say that it is better to wash the slipcovers and trying to place them on the chairs or sofa while they are still damp. This will also help reduce the wrinkles, and it would be easier to make the surface of the slipcovers smooth. However, it depends on the fabric they are made of; so, think about your own slipcovers and choose the best solutions that may fit them, this one or that explained in the first point.


Adding ties to the slipcover

Even if it could seem obvious, adding ties to the underside of a slipcover is the best way to secure it to a chair or a sofa. The method is very easy and simple: just attach two adjacent ties to the underside of the slipcover, and then tie them under the legs of the chair or of the sofa. Once you have placed the slipcover on the chairs or sofa, it is better to use a chalk to mark the area where you need to sew the ties. For your ties, you can use various materials: fabric, twill tape or strong cord, also according to your personal taste.

Adding zippers to the slipcovers

 To make your slipcovers fit perfectly, you can try to add zippers or other closing devices to your chairs, cushions or to the corners of your sofa, especially if your furniture is larger on top than at the bottom. If you decide to add a zipper, make sure you extend it from below the top of the slipcover down to a 1/2-inch above the bottom edge. Measure the zipper carefully after putting the slipcover back on the chair or on the sofa, and remember to pull the open seams together while doing it.

Adding snaps or Velcro to the slipcovers

Using snaps of Velcro may be the best solution if you do not like zippers or find it difficult to apply them on the slipcovers. You can possibly use also some snap tape, as it is only snaps sewn onto a strip of fabric. Velcro is another easy and simple solution to secure the slipcovers. If you think that this is the best solution for you, be careful when treating the slipcovers with snaps or Velcro, because you could slightly damage them.

Adding grommets and ribbons to the slipcovers

Adding ribbons and grommets to your slipcovers may be a creative, lively and colourful way to close the flaps in the back or at the sides of a chair/sofa slipcover. Lacing them together with a nice decorative ribbon running through grommets is a wonderful idea if you feel particularly inclined to pretty decorations.

Adding frogs to the slipcovers

 Of course, these frogs are not the animals you can usually find in ponds, but two-piece decorative cord closing devices that should be sewed on the face of the slipcover. To use them, it is necessary to place the slipcover on the chair or on the sofa and closing the frog, so as to make the two pieces joined as if they were one single element. You should the pin the frog on in order to make it close the fabric, and then attach it to the fabric itself with a zigzag stitch on the sewing machine or by hand.

Using a fabric made with Lycra

Lycra is a useful stretch material which can be added to your slipcovers, helping them conform to your chairs or sofa. You can easily add some Lycra on the centre back of the slipcover or in other hidden areas, to make it fit even better. The best thing to do would be to find some Lycra that matches the colour of your slipcover. To use it, you can easily replace a part of the back area of your slipcover with Lycra sewn to the other panels.

Using a flat wooden piece to place the slipcover

 If you are having many difficulties even in merely placing the slipcovers on your chairs or, more probably, on your sofa, using a flat wooden piece may help you a lot: In this way, you can easily insert the slipcovers even in the most unreachable parts, and make them smooth, with no ugly wrinkles. Also consider asking your husband or son for help, it may be unexpectedly useful!

Trying to best arrange the slipcover on the chairs or sofa

 It may be obvious, but it is necessary to remind you that it is important to make the slipcover go over the entire surface of the sofa or of the chairs. You should arrange the length of the slipcover all around them, and once you are satisfied with the look of the sides, you should try to make the back and the arms smooth. Remember to push into the crevices as much excess fabric as you can, so as to avoid wrinkles.

Wrapping rubber bands around the chairs

To keep a slipcover from moving and sliding all around, you can also try to wrap rubber bands around the surface of a chair, the one that goes underneath the slipcover. This can easily prevent it from slipping away every time one decides to sit on that chair.

Using twist pins

Twist pins can be found very easily in any sewing store, or online. They can be very useful to hold the slipcovers in place and preventing them from going wherever they want- often on the floor. The most common twist pins are in transparent plastic, but you can also find them in various shapes, sizes and colours. This will undoubtedly add a touch of liveliness to your slipcovers, and you just need to screw them into the fabric of the slipcovers that you want to keep in place.

Create your own slipcovers

 If you are tired of the “one size fits all” slipcovers that do not fit at all, you can also create them on your own. It may seem difficult, but if you take your time and pay attention to all the details it will be not so complicated as you may think.  In this case, make sure to carefully measure your sofa or your chairs, for example from the floor at the left side, up and over the arm, across the seat, up and over the arm and down to the floor on the right. Always remember to add some inches for seams and a margin for error. Carefully calculate the total length of fabric that you will need. It is advisable to wash the fabric, especially if it is made of cotton, as it will be more likely to shrink. If it is still slightly damp when you use it, you will not have to iron out any wrinkles. Start draping the fabric over the chairs or the sofa, keeping the printed side out and pressing it flat against all the surfaces of the furniture. Remember to cut away the extra fabric and pinning the rest of the fabric, so that it follows the contours of the chairs or of the sofa and cover each area of them. Then, remove the fabric from the sofa and baste it together, by hand or with the help of a sewing machine. Now put the basted slipcover back on the surface to cover with the printed side out and using straight pins make all the necessary adjustments. In the end, sew the slipcover together and do not forget to stitch the hems.

Keep your children out of your slipcovers

The last and best way to make your slipcovers fit perfectly is to keep them in place, very obviously. So, if your children or animals always make tem fall on the floor or damage them, try to teach them not to do so. It might work!

In conclusion, with all the ideas listed above slipcover fitting will not be a problem anymore, and surely you will able to enjoy all the beauty and liveliness of your own chairs and sofas.

It is a beautiful weekend morning. It is your rest day, and you don’t have any particular plans for today. The mood seems very perfect, the scenery looks very tranquil, and the glimmering sunlight illuminates the entire room harmoniously. Everything seems to be really pieced together nicely, until you one peculiar thing, your furniture doesn’t seem to be as radiant as the surrounding ambience.

Single sofa slipcoverSlipcovers, transcending from its practical use as a protection for furniture during the summer season, has now evolved as a form of art, and as a common item in furniture decoration. There are specific themes for slipcovers depending on the preference of the owner. Fixing your slipcovers and making them look nice is not really a very difficult task to do, nor would it take a significant amount to time to accomplish. You can even amplify the slipcover’s intended purpose in design, provided that you can follow these tips in applying slipcovers on furniture.

Classic sofa slipcover
Since slipcovers come in a wide range of colors, themes and sizes, you should first find the appropriate slipcover for the furniture you intend to apply it on. You should also consider how a particular slipcover theme would blend in to the room where you furniture is, and should choose a theme or color that matches the ambience of the room. If you are on a budget, you can choose single color themes and ready made slipcovers. Most of them are affordable enough yet provides enough quality for your furniture. After choosing the right slipcover for a particular piece of furniture, it is now time to put them on the furniture, and here are some guidelines on how to apply them properly.

Common problems of loosely fitted slipcovers

For loose fitted slipcovers, you can already make them look sophisticated and stylish by simply adding layers when tucking them on furniture. The extra area of the slipcover can be applied for designing or “sculpting” the slipcover to the furniture. Simple designs like overlapping the slip cover two to three times at each side of the furniture can already provide the artistic touch that it needs. You can also add casual ambience on the furniture by draping the extra area of a loosely fitted slipcover on the sides of the furniture.

Sofa slipcoverOne of the common problems of loosely fitted slipcovers is that, for example, the sofa slipcover is not tucked properly throughout the furniture, and it becomes a problem once the furniture is used too often. This problem can be solved by tucking in other objects into the crevices of the furniture, such as old newspapers or old magazines bound together with rubber bands. By fitting them properly, your slipcover will now be more durable and would be kept from being easily disorganized.

In fitting slipcovers, you can also apply techniques that are not only practical, but provide style as well. Draped fabric on the bottom can be either plain loose or pleated, depending on your preference. If your furniture gets used all too often, it might be better to slip in slipcovers with more durable fabric, but not too durable though, just enough for the slipcover to last out getting used often but is still easy to clean and maintain. If you’re still on a budget, you can still put more creative ideas like creating a general theme for the whole room, not just by matching the color combinations of the furniture slipcovers to the room, or by fully tailoring the entire room to suit a particular theme, but by trying to imitate the look and feel of the room onto the slipcovers.

Modern sofa slipcoverThose are only some of the general ideas and tips on how to maximize your home furniture design by fitting them with slipcovers. Remember, you don’t need spend a lot of money just to make your furniture look nice and good.

Making Your Very Own Loveseat Slipcover

If you are looking for an article on how to make your own slip covers for a loveseat, then keep on reading. As slip covers go, the fabric that should be used must be a medium-weight fabric. First, sketch your loveseat with paper and pencil. Write down the measurements on the corresponding sections of your loveseat sketches.

Original jean sofa slipcoverStart measuring for the slip cover’s main section by measuring the back of the loveseat, beginning at the floor. Remove the cushions, letting the measuring tape traverse the length of loveseat from back to front. End the measurement at the floor when you reach the front part of the loveseat. Reminder: give an additional six inches to the total length of this measurement for the hem of the slip cover. Next, measure the loveseat’s width. Set aside two pieces of rectangular fabric cut in this size to be sewn together. Once sewn together using a seam that goes down the middle of the loveseat, insert the excess fabric into possible nooks in the loveseat. Let the material fall towards the floor after most of it has been gathered on the loveseat’s sides.

Spread the material over the loveseat while wrapping it around the sides. Let the edges overlap, then secure with pins. Use strips of matching material to secure the gathered fabric by tacking one end close to the front of the seat and the other end close to the back. Draw the ends together and then tie. Machine stitch the fabric’s hem once you’ve marked the hem on all sides after tucking the fabric into every nook and cranny of the loveseat.

Single sofa slipcoverMeasure the front of the loveseat’s armrest’s height starting from the floor to the top of the armrest. Move to the side of the seat next, measure from the floor up and over the armrest to six inches below where the cushions lie. Allow room for a hem. Measure the width of the armrest starting from behind down to the front then add the measurement you took earlier from the armrest’s height. Make two rectangles of material with this size; lay each rectangle over an armrest, pulling the excess fabric into a gathered cluster on the armrest’s front. Let this hang towards the ground.

Like in the main section, the gathers should be tucked in and secured. As for the cushions, sew casings for them as you would a square pillow except that allow for a strip of fabric that is as thick as the cushion to be sewn between the upper and lower parts of the cushion casing. Finally use hardware store purchased screw-in pins to secure the slip cover to the loveseat.

Sofa Slipcovers: Instant Makeover for your Home

One of the easiest and affordable way to change your home décor is to fit your worn out and dull looking sofa with charming and bright hued slipcovers. In addition to sofa slipcovers there are various covers for all kinds of furniture in numerous styles and designs that are available at affordable rates. Specially designed stretch slipcovers are available for easy and comfortable fit with which you can change the look of your home in minutes. Warm and bright colored slipcovers can camouflage your torn or worn out upholstery of your sofas and furniture instantly, to give a stunning new look to them and to your home décor.

Classic sofa slipcoverToday, slipcovers are available in a wide range of colors, designs and patterns, from which you can very easily choose one to suit your existing home décor or the theme of a room. The colors and style range from country patterns that come in checks and floral designs to contemporary lines and prints. Fabrics with attractive patterns are available in leather, denim, linen and much more. There are also a wide selection of textures and fabrics that are made to be durable, machine washable and to withstand every day use. This feature is greatly appreciated, especially if you have kids and pets at home.
To get a uniform and coordinated look, it is best to cover all the sofas, chairs, furniture seats, recliners, ottoman and anything else that can be covered with carefully selected slipcovers. The most important benefit of using slipcovers instead of going for re-upholstering is that it is very easy and affordable to replace or change the slipcovers whenever you want to, whether due to necessity or just to have a new look.

Sofa slipcoverFor example, with the huge range of colors and patterns available in slipcovers and because of their affordability, you can even change the look of your home in accordance with the seasons. Or you can change the look for a special occasion or just because you are tired of a particular look. If you are looking for an instant makeover of your home that can be done without putting a dent in your pocket, then purchasing a few slipcovers can do the job.

Application of the slipcover is also important

Application of the slipcover is also important, as it is the process of actually designing your sofa to a custom fit that matches your preference. You don’t just drape the entire fabric onto the sofa. When tucking your slipcover into your sofa, remember that most ready made slipcovers are usually larger that what actually fits the furniture, you’d have to tuck them snugly in or they would wear off easily. Wrinkles should be taken care of before your sofa turns into an old hag, simply put them in the dryer, set it to warm, place a damp washcloth in, and set it for around 10 minutes.

Single sofa slipcoverYour final priority would be the process of placing your sofa with a fitted slipcover with a theme of your choice on the living room to check and see for yourself if the theme of the slipcover matches the room’s feel. Does the room emanate with nature spelled out on every corner of the room? Then try making a forest theme for your slipcovers. Certain colors like forest green or deep burgundy would be perfect to suit a room with nature as its main theme. How about summer themes? Sprinkling brightness to your room with sofas fitted with brightly themed slipcovers can create the total summer ambience that the room needs. Just remember one thing in choosing the proper theme for your sofa. It’s not just the sofa that should be taken into consideration, but the entire area or surrounding that the sofa will be placed into.

Furniture Slipcovers for Added Appeal

Nowadays, furniture slipcovers have acquired an entirely new look with all kinds of imaginative and fun filled shapes filling the stores. You can see wing backed chairs, loveseats, ottomans and even sectional sofas. You can give your existing furniture anew appearance with these slipcovers. They give a new look and add charm to your entire set up. You can either get ready made ones or custom made ones according to your budget. But custom made ones are not much expensive when you consider the cost of changing the entire furniture arrangement. Moreover these have the added advantage of being easily changeable and also can be maintained easily.

Modern sofa slipcoverSo where to use these slipcovers? Almost every room in the house is in need of slipcovers. The sofa in the living room, the cushions in the bedroom and many other areas can be spruced up with these slipcovers. They give a shielding effect to the existing pieces and at the same time manage to give the furniture a new and alluring appearance. Try to keep some spare slipcovers [you can buy a large load at discounted prices] in case of emergencies which are a sure thing if you have a set of unruly kids at home. The slipcovers available at the stores are durable and can be machine-washed. Get some long lasting cotton ones that will survive the daily use.

Original jean sofa slipcover
For the dining and kitchen you have a variety of stretch slipcovers which deck up your dining chair or your kitchen equipments. They prevent the furniture and appliances from getting soiled by food and drinks that spill on them. You can get a daily use one and a decorated one for party use. These add color and appeal to your rooms and make them fresh and attractive and cost you a lot less than furnishing with new items. Moreover you can change these to something new any time you feel you want a change. Go ahead and splurge on new slipcovers if you want to give your rooms an entirely fresh and appealing air.


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