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Decorating Sofas: Splashing Colors and Style into a Room using Slipcovers


You will find Sofas in almost all living rooms across the globe; they can therefore not be left out on matters of decoration. One of the easiest and commonly used methods of decorating sofas and giving your living room life is through slipcovers. One of the issues that must be put into consideration even as you go to purchase the slipcovers is the issue of color. As much as slipcovers can transform your sofas, it is important to choose a color that is in line with the surrounding. In other words, the color you settle for should be your room’s theme.

[one_half_first]Apart from the slipcovers’ color, you must consider the material of these covers. This is important not only because of the durability issue, but also because of sensitivity to sunlight. So, you don’t want to waste your cash on torn slipcover the next day. Go for something that will serve you for at least two years or even more. Do a thorough research first and you will discover that there are actually many affordable slipcover designs with authentic fabrics out there – don’t settle for less![/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

Change the appearance of living room

Since sofas occupy the biggest portion of your living room, you can change the appearance of your living room by addressing the slipcover issue. For easy fitting, choose stretching slipcovers and just in case your sofas are worn out, bright colors can help hide these flaws. But basically, slipcovers come in different patterns, colors, and designs. The style of course depends on the country of origin. Even as you choose durable fabrics and textures, make sure they are machine washable and can stand everyday roughness from children and pets.

To achieve a coordinated appearance in your living room, it is advisable to find covers for recliners, chairs, and furniture seats as you find some for sofas. One of the advantages of slipcovers is that they can easily be changed whenever there’s need to, and they are affordable. If you intend to have a makeover in your living room, but at a low cost, then buying slipcovers will work magic.

Slipcovers have come a long way, and thanks to creative designers, furniture slipcovers have more classical look. Depending on your budget, it is possible to give your furniture a transformation with either custom or readymade slipcovers.  When you consider the costs that come with changing all the house furniture, the custom made slipcovers are much cheaper.

Slipcover Buying Guide

Buying the correct slipcover can be a confusing affair. The following tips will help you make the right choice when you go buying slipcovers.

  1. Buy the correct size

Slipcovers out there in the market vary in size, it is therefore crucial to have your sofas measurements as you head to the store. Most designers advise you have the longest measurement of your sofa as you go to the store. For instance, Sure Fit slipcovers are suitable for sofas that are between 83 to 96 inches long. Some slipcovers come with a ruffled bottom and it’s therefore important to measure the distance from the ground to the sofa bottom. If you are looking forward to a custom and more fitted look, then search for a slipcover that exactly fits your sofa measurements.  For accuracy purposes, you should consider taking the measurements twice. Or else, try loose-fit slipcover; you will still attain a similar casual effect.

  1. Choose a Style

In the past, slipcovers received a bad reputation as unstylish and unsightly pieces of fabrics that were put over the furniture. But this perception has now changed; it is no longer about their function but fashion as well. Slipcovers have come a long way compared to what they used to be back then. Go for a casual and inviting style. You should be able to put up your feet and relax.

Surprisingly enough, there are many options out there in terms of the right fit. For sofas that have rectangular and rounded cushions, traditional covers are recommended. But there are specialty shapes also available for recliners and wingback chairs. In other words, it is possible to get a slipcover that fits with almost all décor styles, from traditional to the modern look. It is actually possible to give your living room unique and stylish with the right slipcovers.

Try and fit slipcovers with formal furniture and see how it goes. Like they always say, it is juxtaposition that will make your living room sing. Other details like decorative trim and contrasting welt will add accent and visual interest to your piece. Also remember to look for details such as zippers and tailored skirt when searching for covers. Some covers are made in search a way that they tuck inside the cushions and can also tie in the back. Such slipcovers are usually more affordable. Bottom line, as much as seamless styles are modern and clean, ensure they can easily be slipped in and out for the sake of swapping and cleaning.

  1. Choose a Material

The style is defined by the slipcovers’ fabric. Heavy canvas, cotton duck, or a twill blend is ideal for sofas with a lot of traffic. Such fabrics are comfortable to sit on, inviting and normally fit looser. Form-fitting slipcovers give a more modern and customized appearance plus they are made from stretching fabrics like spandex blend, micro-suede and polyester. Silk, linen and wool may be soft and elegant, but they require dry cleaning. So, if you are used to cover occasional sofas, such as a bedroom couch, it will be worth investing in.

Heavy fabrics like velvet and chenille are really heavy and may not conform to your sofas shape. Denim, cotton and canvas are machine washable, and they normally come in different patterns. Since they are of medium weight, it is easier to lay them nicely. Also, remember to select deeper colors during the fall season. The issue here is to change your beach white colors for deep eggplants.

Try Decorating with White Slipcovered Sofas

White interiors normally look magnificent. A white slipcovered sofa is a good inspiration especially for shabby chic design. For homeowners who love a white, clean and vintage-inspired look, then they can choose ruffled-edged covers and probably add a number of feminine design layers ranging from elegant lighting to romantic elegant decoration. Through primarily using monochromatic color themes with touches of blue, pink and green creates a family room, living room that has shabby chic style.

  1. Color Palette

Use different values of white to come up with a monochromatic color scheme. Paint the walls a cream, soft color in order to accentuate your white slipcovered sofas. To drab the moldings and ensure they visually stand out, apply a fresh gloss coat. Apply a cream hue on the ceiling for better complementary. Make sure there is a shabby chic kind of décor in the entire living room by bringing in more tones blues and baby pinks in order to enhance the slipcovered sofas.

  1. Distressed Furniture

Add weathered, vintage furniture pieces to your white themed décor. Incorporate more white furniture into your living room to highlight the white slipcovered sofa. For a feminine appeal, shop for items that have curved lines in vintage shops. Give all of them all a white shade, sand its edges gently, and ensure they are all related to each other visually. If you need to create a distressed look, apply a faux finish to the wood, through wiping a damp cloth that has an antique solution.

  1. Elegant Lighting

To accentuate the shabby chic appearance, you can use vintage-inspired lighting. Add weight to the room by hanging a large crystal chandelier suspending from the ceiling. Use mercury glass-based type of lamps, and then top them with cream-colored lampshades. On both sides of the mirror or painting put crystal candlestick scones. All these will add a touch of light above seating area. You may want that soft glow in the whole living room and you can achieve this by placing the candles on white plate, finally, put them in a mirrored tray on your coffee table for that soft glow.

  1. Time-Worn Accessories

Finally, add more touch to your feminine white interior themed decoration with more decorative accessories. Use a white-framed kind of antique mirror in the living room wall space so as to reflect light. Back to your white slipcovered sofas, add a couple of pink, baby ruffled pillows. On both sides of the table, you can place at least three black and white or silver-plated photos on both sides of the table. Roses come in handy in shabby chic living rooms, so, bring in a pink-hued rose painting just above your white slipcovered sofa to clearly define the room’s focal point. Complete your décor with a bouquet of pink rose preferably in a silver vase. Finally, set up your coffee table to the elegant romantic design of your living room.

In conclusion, people see interior decoration as an expensive affair but it isn’t. Simply change the slipcovers first keeping in mind that sofas occupy the largest space of the living room.

Sofas have always been the main article found on many living rooms of homes worldwide, and if it is part of a room then it is also one of the things to be given emphasis when it comes to interior decoration. Slipcovers are about the most common and the easiest way of breathing life to a lifeless sofa, adding that finishing touch that would give a sense of completeness to you living rooms.

Classic sofa slipcover
Color or a color scheme is one of the primary aspects of slipcovers. Choosing the right color for your sofa is one thing, but you should also consider the immediate environment in which the sofa will be placed into. Does the theme of the slipcover for my sofa match the theme of the room? Do these colors compliment well with the surrounding colors of the room? Would it get the right ambience that the room needs? These are the questions that you have to ask yourself when choosing a slipcover for your sofa.

Original jean sofa slipcover
Figuring out the right fabric to use should be your secondary priority. This applies not only to the durability of the fabric that you are going to choose, but also to its sensitivity to light. Generally, shiny fabric is not recommendable on certain sofas, but this may not always be the case. Regardless, the fabric to be used would still have to be of considerable durability, nobody really wants designing a sofa only to find out that it was ripped off the next day by your dog or by a hyperactive toddler.

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