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Add Cool Bamboo Curtains to Deck up Your Living Space



Many times, especially in houses decorated with a minimalist style, the environment feels very monotonous or lacking in life; so much white color may remind more of a hospital room than a cozy room. Therefore, a great alternative to deal with it and create a radical change, are the bamboo curtains.

Its ability to add that organic touch and at the same time cozy to a stay is astonishing; there are several types of bamboo curtains and it is good to take into consideration some aspects before buying one.

So take a seat and read this article before you go looking for yours, it is better to be prepared before making such an important decision.

Choosing the Best Bamboo Curtain

In general, all bamboo curtains are great because of their eco-friendly appearance; unlike the typical white plastic shutter, your bamboo curtain will not pollute the environment. On the other hand, they have the ability to transport us to the Japanese style, in fact; one of the best ways to add character to our decor and gradually go making a transition, is through these curtains.

Bamboo curtains can be used as wall hangings or they can cover up doors and windows. Either way, they give a novel and enticing look.
These bamboo curtains contain bamboo beads that are made from the original bamboo stem. The beads are arranged on wire and the single strand of beads contains at least 100 beads. These strands are suspended from a frame.

And best of all is that these beads do not have to be constantly brown. Many times that color may not like you or not look good in your decor; and in that aspect, bamboo is very versatile.

To add some color to the beads, paint can be applied by hand on both sides of the beads. This gives them an attractive and colorful appearance. Many of them, especially the black out, come with elaborate works of art in the face that you will always see from the front; so more than a simple curtain, it can turn out to be an accessory that adds true artistic value to your decor.

Bamboo curtains are long lasting and they can be taken care of easily without much effort on your part. Most hand painted ones come at a reasonable rate and you do not have to worry about the extra cost. Unlike the traditional cloth curtains that need to be washed delicately, in short, they are a Win-Win.

Installing a Bamboo Curtain

The installation kit of a bamboo curtain is very simple to understand; although there are small details that are worth highlighting for you to consider. Remember that it is not the typical fabric curtain, so it will obviously draw a lot of people’s attention; not only the visits, but also the children who can live in your home.

But let’s talk about the installation kit of one of the most popular alternatives, the Roman bamboo curtain:

• installation screws [x4]
• ramplugs usually 3/16 ” [x4]
• screws for cord clamp [x4]
•  washers [x2]
• butterfly handles [x2]
• installation brackets [x2]
• 1 cord clamp

As you can see, the kit speaks for itself. Additionally you will need:

• Drill
• Screwdriver
• Stairs
• Security elements

But its installation does not go beyond a common curtain. To regulate whether to fold or unfold it, the mechanism is very similar to that of a blind, but beware!

The cord should be wound to the clamp that is fixed on the wall, however; to some children this calls their attention, to avoid accidents, make sure it is at a prudent height.

Different Styles of the Bamboo Curtain

The styles of bamboo curtains are also closely linked to their way of installation. The kit allows us to install either on the ceiling, or outside the window frame or; inside the frame of the window. A bamboo curtain installed outside the window frame or ceiling can give a great organic touch to a room that lacked that feature.

Beyond the use of decorative plants, they also help to regulate the entrance of light and safeguard privacy. However, the bamboo curtains within the frame, are being used a lot today to add a more efficient black out system.

Bamboo in its darker shades offers a great feeling of warmth inside the home; combining it with a fabric curtain that is located outside the frame of the wall, adds to any room a magnificent appearance.

Its functionality applied in this way increases even more; as it allows us to hide the support for the cord more effectively. Best of all, during the day, a bamboo curtain feels much more noble at the moment of covering the light; all thanks to the organic materials with which they are made.

Here you can see a small gallery of this style of curtains inside the window frame and; in combination with classic fabric curtains outside the window frame.

Bamboo Curtains

Here are other styles of bamboo curtains on even bamboo screens; You can get great ideas inspiration if you study the images carefully.


Bamboo Curtain Maintenance

Another amazing detail is the ease with which we can clean our bamboo curtains. Forget about lowering them and getting exposed while you wash the curtains, the bamboo only requires that you unfold the curtain totally and; you should only use the vacuum cleaner to remove particles of dust.

It is important that you check what type of paint was used on your bamboo blind in such a case that it does not have its natural color; usually the protective varnish does not fall off when cleaning it with most products, but there are always exceptions.

Therefore, I recommend you to make your own home cleaning product, using natural, organic and non-polluting elements. That way you can meticulously clean level by level of your curtain without worrying about ruining it aesthetically.


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