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A Guide to Choose the Right Colors for Your Home


When you finally decide to repaint your home for the first time, choosing colors for your walls is something that leaves you in great dilemma. First is the fear of switching to ‘color’ from the safe ‘builder’s beige’. Many people give in to this fear and decide to be safe, while other take a bold step to paint their walls with colors that will fill their home with warmth and joy. Just by changing the color of your walls and that of your furniture, you can give an entirely new look to your home. You can change your dull looking furniture to fashion statements with the right wall colors to complement them. But how does one go about choosing that right color.

Color: the first choice

[one_half_first]The first choice is, as said before, to be on the safe side and go with neutral tones like beige or gray. This is the best choice for your first project as you will definitely be at loss if you go through the endless choices that are presented to you. Moreover, these colors will suit any décor and you will always be comfortable and not get bored with it soon.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

But then, you will have a hard time in selecting the perfect shade from the different shades of beige and grey that will be presented to you when you visit your local home center. To avoid in-store dilemma and mishaps, it is better to be prepared well before you make the final decision.

If you are thinking of a warm and comfortable room with fireplaces and leather sofas with brown shades, then you can start with a beige tone. Next, if your furniture and accessories features a lot of dark shades then it is better to choose a beige tone that has a pink or orange undertone to complement the darker shades. If you want to have a cool and airy ambience, gray tones with icy blue undertones will be best. There are literally hundreds of gray shades with different undertones. Most stores will present you with a swatch of the basic gray with which you can compare the other shades of gray. Some gray will have blue undertones while others might have lavender, green or even pink. Choose one that perfectly matches you décor.

Romantic baby girl's roomIt is easier to find out the existing colors of your furniture and accessories in a room and then choose a wall color to complement or enhance that shade. If your furniture has a cool tone then contrast it with greys that have green or pink undertones. For warm colored accessories you can choose a gray with lavender or blue undertones. But in case you cannot choose between gray and beige, then it is safer and easier to choose shades of green. Just remember that muted tones of any color are safer than their bold counterparts as they blend well with almost all color palates.

Vibrant and Attractive Colors for your home

Applying home themes need no extra costs. Most of the materials should be purchased from local stores at affordable prices. You can maintain simplicity with your items and give new looks with innovative home themes. You can base your home themes with colors you like using Spanish styled furniture. Colors play an essential part in every person’s life. Individuals have their own preference for colors. In some cases, opposing colors and hues present the best and unique design that you want.

For instance, shades of red at your dining area can present a dramatic look. Lavender and blue are calming hues that are common in bedrooms and living rooms to create a relaxing effect. Kitchen area should have an orange, red or brown theme because this color triggers hunger.

colors for homesConsistent Theme
Definitely, you need the skill in designing houses when applying home improvement themes. It is insufficient for selecting impressive themes for your homes that only apply to a certain area of your house. Themes should be similar at all rooms whether each presents traditional and elegant taste or contemporary and cool design. Home themes are fun to complete, as various themes modify the feel and look of your house. You will surely enjoy redecorating and designing according to mood changes.

Colors for Our Home

Choosing room colors in home decorating is very important, but then, choosing the right hue for a very special room is fraught with uncertainties and dangers. Selecting a color doesn’t have to be a taxing ordeal. Anyhow, understanding a color’s mood, its present popularity, and even its potential as an anchor or an accent will surely erase a lot of those nagging doubts in us.

Bright coloursColors surely affect a lot of people’s moods. There’s a scientific studies which have shown us that emotions are being dampened or heightened when we are being surrounded by another specific color. If this statistics aren’t convincing enough for us, then, we could simply observe the world around us. Like for example, the hospitals that don’t make a point of painting their hospital rooms with black color paints black, simply because, a hospital coated with black walls will be suspected by a lot of people. Another one is the color of red, which is the symbol of agitation and is associated with blood, but then, it is also a sign of love, than it can be viewed as a very strong or often as an overwhelming emotion for some of us.

Striped wall painted with cold coloursThose are just some samples on how important choosing colors in our home is. Painting our home is not that easy, most especially if we don’t have the right knowledge in choosing the right color of paint that we should use. Sometimes we even accidentally paint it with the colors that show our true personality to other people. This is the main reason why we must know how, when, and what is the right color that we should be choosing that will surely fit and make our home a pleasantly looking one.

Selecting a color for any room

Let us use the color as an accent, we could paint our walls with some neutral beige and even buy our bedroom furniture in classic woods, and then, we can now have give an accent in our room with some of the color coming from the drapes, bedspreads, and we can even throw a cushions in our reclining couch. The accent coloring is being perfectly known by the decorators who prefer to stay abreast with the trendiest in the color fashion world. Can you imagine, how much easier it would be for us to purchase a new bedspread in a must have colors of today, and then repaint our whole room.

Light and relaxing colours Selecting a color for any room doesn’t even have to be difficult if we already know how to understand the colors mood, its potential as an accent or anchor color, and the durability of its popularity. Choosing room colors in home decorating should be the first choice of our room decorator as it is being considered as the easier to mix and match the furniture when we’re basic wall colors are now in place, rather than trying to match the right hue of the green paint into our Scotch plaid couch. Once that we have already tackled about our color choices, other selections will now fall in its right place, making it easy for us to create the room of our dreams, instead of creating our nightmare.

Do you you want your house painted?

When you want your house painted, always consider the weather condition, the paint brand to be use and others. These are all essential in achieving the best result.

Painting rooms

And you should make a research first before you spend on repainting your home exterior. You might be spending a lot of money in it and later on it will still look the same because of leaching. Though prevention is the best, you should always make a study on what will be the best for you to do before you engage in the process.

Money is everything now that life is very uncertain; you need to save for rainy days so you should know when and where to spend your hard earn income. Home painting is nice especially when you know your house really needs it. But you shouldn’t just jump into the decisions of having your house painted right away, why don’t you try to consult your home buddies so you will be able to know what their opinions are. It will surely help you and bring you enlightenment on how you can do the task better. Having second opinions usually provides accurate results.

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