All About Beautiful Wind Chimes

When going to a house with wind chimes, you have probably heard the soothing and pleasing sound coming from the tinkling chimes, calming your mind. The sound of chimes is like the sound of whispering winds that penetrate your soul and give rejuvenating energy to your body. These sound elements that come from wind chimes were originally popularized by the Asians. They said that the sounds drive away evil spirits and will help tone down the negative energies in the home. The relaxing sound of wind chimes is often produced by different materials that are designed to catch wind and produce sounds. Here are different examples of wind chimes.

The bamboo wind chimes are popularly used in homes as of today. This natural material produces a hollow deep sound that relaxes the mind and the body. It may not be as durable as the metal wind chimes, but still it is said to bring good fortune. Bamboo wind chimes are often placed in the garden which makes it brittle and split due to the weather. However, many still prefer bamboo wind chimes because it is carefully handcrafted to refine its tune.

Wooden wind chimes produce a more organic sound than bamboo chimes. This handcrafted piece of work is more expensive but you can actually make it yourself if you know something about woodworking. Wooden chimes are more durable and give off an unusually excellent sound. They are usually placed in a patio, in a yard or on a deck.


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  1. My mother used to have chimes up years ago. Something happened to them, but I don’t recall what. Having read this, I’m hankering to get some new chimes. My problem is going to find a good place to put them, but thank you for the inspiration here. I’m excited!

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