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How to use Simple Feng Shui on your Home


Feng Shui is becoming a new trend on home décor today. This kind of home decoration is based on Chinese art. This type of interior decorating promotes harmony among your furnishing and belongings inside your home. Feng Shui generally means “wind and water”. These two elements on ancient Chinese culture promote happiness, good health, peace, and wealth. Proper arrangement of your home is the main concern when it comes to Chinese art. Feng Shui arrangement basically consists of several guidelines to promote success and happiness.

[one_half_first]Here are 5 simple homes Feng Shui tips for wealth and happiness on your home.
• Avoid clutter and chaos– Clutter inside your home can promote negative energy. It can hinder the success and happiness of each member of the family. It is very important that your doorway should is free from clutter.
• Plants for positive energy– Real plants, most especially those plants with rounded leaves can promote peace and good life within the family. Aside from this, it can definitely beautify any space around the house. Always open your windows. Windows around the house should be open during the day to allow the flow of fresh air inside the house.

• Importance of color combination– color can affect the mood and atmosphere inside the house. Proper selection of colors is one of the most important things when it comes to Chinese Feng Shui. Feng Shui experts always consider the proper blending of color when it comes to home decorating. One of the most recommended colors for most home is blue and green because it provides tranquility and peace around the house.
• Proper arrangement of furniture– Arrangement is the most crucial part of Feng Shui. Furniture arrangements inside the house, greatly affects the circulation of positive energy inside your home. When decorating your home it is important that you can see the doorway from all angles inside the house. If there is an angle when the door is not clearly visible make sure to put any kind of mirror to make the door visible. Facing the door away can attract bad energy.
• Avoid having sharp corners– Your home should be free from sharp corners because this can allow negative energy to stay at your house. The use of rounded corners for furniture rather than sharp edges is one of the best ways to make your home safe. Avoid overhead lightning. This kind of lightning can promote bad energy and hinders good energy from coming.

No clutters, please: Feng Shui tips

No clutters, please. You should keep your room fixed and free from litters. Your things and other personal belongings are better kept in cabinet or organizer if not in use. Do not place anything under your bed so you will have a better and more relaxed feel. You bedroom should also make you relax, so keep it free from any distracting sounds or whatsoever noise. Also, avoid bringing inside your bedroom huge living plants but instead get something that is just enough to add to your Feng Shui decoration.
Golden feng shui chimePlace the best mirrors. Mirrors are good deal for your bedroom. It symbolizes achievement and harmony. However you should not place it directly opposite to your bed. A human-size or large mirrors is also a no, no thing especially if you are experiencing some sleeping disorders.Mirror location according Feng Shui
Have a perfect lighting. Install a good lighting system that is just perfect for you – neither too bright for this is disruptive nor gloomy for this is counterproductive.

Get our free Feng Shui tips

Feng Shui, if properly practiced, could assure you of wealth and abundance in life, improved health conditions, enhanced self expression, life-long happiness and better relationships. Feng Shui is a century-old Chinese practice of putting things at its right place to help generate more positive energies and to eliminate the negative one.

Feng Shui mirrors
Consultants and experts in Feng Shui suggested different arrangements and fixings to be done in your home. And, many of them believe that the best part to start the work is right in your bedroom. Statistics has it that on the average rate, you spend one-third of your life in your bedroom. Therefore, it is just but right that you start it there. If your love life seems so dull or nil, if your business or career doesn’t work as you want them to, if your health condition needs more enhancement or if you are dreaming of life that is something new and refreshing, our free Feng Shui tips for your bedroom is perfect for you.

It’s about your bedroom design. In Feng Shui, you have to always get the good balance of the five physical elements, namely: metal, water, wood, fire, and earth. It is better if you can do some enhancement from time to time on the overall physical appearance of your bedroom and make sure it has the five mentioned elements balanced. You have to bear in mind as well that your bedroom is an important place in your house where you can ponder, take some rest and nurture.

FengShui kitchen
Your bed is the deal here. Ensure that the setting of your bed allows the free-flow of energy in your room. Make sure that from your bed you can directly view the door to allow the flow of energy to the bed from the bedroom’s entrance. It is best if the bed be positioned across the room from the door, but should not be openly across from it. This is to allow some fresh energy to flow inside and will not be immediately detached.

Feng Shui and your Home

Feeling unlucky lately? Maybe it is the negative influences that cause the ‘chi’ imbalance in your home causing you misfortunes and ill luck. But you do not have to fear, a little feng shui can fix this ordeal.

Feng shui, (pronounced as fung shway) is a belief that is rooted from Far Eastern tradition. It has become a set of principles that has continued to evolve over the thousands of years of its existence. Feng shui experts state that everything in this world, living things, non-living things and all our surroundings, are interconnected and influence each other. To achieve a better life, feng shui says that we should attain harmony and balance in the flow of ‘chi’ or the positive life force in our environment.

Feng shui also states that our surroundings can affect our lives, positively or negatively. This depends on how we channel the positive energy; experts believe that proper order can help us to achieve health, happiness and even abundance in life. And because we spend most of our time in our homes, the balance of positive energy that flows in it greatly influences us. From the furniture arrangements, to the home’s core architecture even the lighting effects can make or break the harmony of the ‘chi’ flow. Here are some Feng shui tips to improve the flow of ‘chi’ in your homes.

Here are some home conditions to avoid:
The U-shaped home structure is considered to bring bad luck to love and marriage because it symbolizes a lock-out shape which will drive people away to find a more comfortable place. The L-shaped home is also considered unlucky, because it represents incompleteness. Feng shui says that humans are like mirrors to their environment, people who dwell in L-shaped homes will most likely feel a void in them. Feng shui experts also discourage having your front door face towards a wall. This is because it disrupts the ‘chi’, causing you to have major failures in life in three years.

Narrow entranceways that are dark and cramped is also unadvisable because it is said to suppress the normal flow of ‘chi’ causing people to feel sadness, stress and depression. Doors that are too large for the room are also considered to cause bad luck. This is because the incoming ‘chi’ will be excessive for the room to contain. As a result, residents will have a hard time holding on to their money. Feng shui principles have originated century-long beliefs and traditions that run logically to the idea of connectivity in the circle of life. And if you do have feng shui flaws in your home, don’t be afraid. Bad luck can be negated with the use of charms, ornaments, chimes and crystals that can improve the flow of ‘chi’ in your homes.

Feng Shui: Start with Basics

There is nothing wrong in believing and following traditions. Usually, beliefs help to improve life by receiving positive blessings. Feng shui basics find trouble spots in your home, as this is the well-known ancient Chinese system of aesthetics. They believed that Feng shui or wind-water uses both laws of astronomy or Heaven and geography or Earth.

Anyone can do feng shui at home. Complex levels start from basics.

To help you get started, here are some Feng shui basics in your home:

1. Clear your mess out. Get rid of all the things you hate in your home. Mess clearing is a process that consumes time and energy. It serves as therapy but it can lighten up all the loads. This procedure is important, as it creates harmonious feng shui energy inside your home.

2. Prepare a source of good light and good air in your home. These elements are significant for good chi or feng shui energy as well. Often, open windows to introduce feng shui to air-purifying plants. As much as possible, allow natural light to come into your home. Using of full spectrum lights is possible.

3. Identify the Ba-Gua. It serves as the feng shui energy map of your home through feng shui compass. By using Ba-Gua, you have the chance to find out which area of your home is connected to specific area of your life.

4. Review the five elements of Feng Shui theory as it can help you to find out how to balance these five in your home. You can strengthen specific elements in specific Fung Shui area as well. For example, if you want to attract more prosperity, introduce the feng shui element of wood and water element into southeast part of your home. Aside from studying the five elements, you need to find out the birth element of your Feng Shui. Through this effort, you can create a home that supports your personal feng shui element.

5. Find out your Kua number, as it benefits you throughout the day from your luckiest and best feng shui postions. You can adjust the position of your home office, bed, dining area, etc. accordingly.

6. Be attentive and always mind the state of your home and how the energy influences your well-being. Pay attention to feng shui triangle. It is well-known as it is connected to your heart deeply.

After you have mastered the feng shui in your home, you can move on to more complex level. Traditions are tradition. They exist and still existing and believed by most people even before we born. There is nothing wrong in following and continuing their beliefs, what important is how you respect their traditions.

Make up the interior designs based on feng shui

There are other collections of ideas that are based on feng shui. For example, round objects and articles for home decorations are generally more acceptable than jagged, edged or cornered objects. Mirrors should never be put anywhere near a bed, and especially not in front of one, but they are free to be put on closed areas such as closets and bathrooms. Long, dark corridors and hallways should never be left dark as they are, and you must find a way to keep them lit, not very bright, but bright enough to overcome the darkness that swallows the area. Ideally, kitchens are best kept at the far end of your house, and must never be near or above the house’s bathroom, if you have to cook by open flame, it’s best to do it outdoors.

Feng shui styled livingThese and a multitude of other ideas make up the interior designs based on feng shui. As you might have observed, most of the ideas just doesn’t deal with superstitious thought alone, but are actually based on practical knowledge. Round objects do tend to be safer than jagged or edged ones, for even if you are hit accidentally by one of those articles, it wouldn’t be so much painful or lethal than when you are hit by an edged article. Kitchens are commonly associated with fire, because most cooking methods involve lighting a fire, and in situations such as accidents, it is wise to put the kitchen on such a far area from the house to prevent fire from easily spreading across the house. Feng shui shows that it is yet but another way of effectively designing one’s home, both in function, and in style.

How to find the trouble spots in your home

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese method of seeking balance and harmony among the energies is your surroundings. The essential teaching of the Feng Shui is that the flow of vital energy known as the “qi” controls an individual’s prosperity, health and destiny. Our surroundings and environment influences us, attracting good or ill energies in our life. Positive surroundings produce and enhance positive energies thereby improving our opportunities for healthy, happy and financially secured life. Negative surroundings on the other hand depress and block off the vital energies thereby producing imbalance, sadness, loss of harmony and poor health in our life.

And since our home is our haven, it is essential that it maintain harmony and balance. A wrong shape, design, alignment of the doors, kind of lighting and arrangement of furniture can greatly influence the flow of the vital energies in our home. Thus, these trouble spots can produce unsettled life such as trouble in the family, failures in the career, finances and health.These simple tips can help you create a more peaceful and well organized atmosphere inside your home. Go ahead and make your own personal plan according to these tips for wealth. Make your home open to good health and prosperity by following these simple guides.

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