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All about the wind chimes


When going to a house with wind chimes, you have probably heard the soothing and pleasing sound coming from the tinkling chimes, calming your mind. The sound of chimes is like the sound of whispering winds that penetrate your soul and give rejuvenating energy to your body. 

These sound elements that come from wind chimes were originally popularized by the Asians. They said that the sounds drive away evil spirits and will help tone down the negative energies in the home. The relaxing sound of wind chimes is often produced by different materials that are designed to catch wind and produce sounds. Here are different examples of wind chimes.

The benefits of having a wind chime in your house

Having a wind chime in your house brings joy and relaxation. It's not just an accessory that you put on the tree or window; it has the ability to soothe and relax you at any time, day or night.

Wind chimes are also known to be a very good investment for your home as they last long and make your house look more attractive. They can also be a great way to entertain your guests if you choose to hang them in your porch or balcony.

Also, wind chimes are considered to be an excellent way to calm you down whenever you feel stressed. The sound of the wind chimes is soothing to your senses. You can even sleep better with wind chimes around because it will help you relax. 

Your home will definitely look more attractive if you have wind chimes hanging on your home. It will look cleaner and tidier, especially if you put wind chimes in your front yard.

Different types of wind chimes:

1. Bamboo Wind Chime

The bamboo wind chimes are popularly used in homes as of today. This natural material produces a hollow deep sound that relaxes the mind and the body. It may not be as durable as the metal wind chimes, but still it is said to bring good fortune.

Bamboo wind chimes are often placed in the garden which makes it brittle and split due to the weather. However, many still prefer bamboo wind chimes because it is carefully handcrafted to refine its tune.

2. Wooden Wind Chime

Wooden wind chimes produce a more organic sound than bamboo chimes. This handcrafted piece of work is more expensive but you can actually make it yourself if you know something about woodworking.

Wooden chimes are more durable and give off an unusually excellent sound. They are usually placed in a patio, in a yard or on a deck.

3. Metal Wind Chime

Metal wind chimes are considered as more popular mainly because they are very durable as well as tuned to specific delightful tones. These metal chimes can have various sounds that are tuned to a specific song or theme. Metal wind chimes are in tube-like shapes and are made of high quality metals.

They produce a relaxing tone that soothes your mind and soul. These chimes come in different designs that you can choose from depending on your choice. It can be placed outside of the house and you never have to worry about the weather harming it. These metal chimes are long-lasting and hard-wearing since they are weather proof. To invite positive energy, these chimes should be placed in north, west or northwest area of your house, according to Asian belief.

4. Solar Wind Chime

Solar wind chimes are now popular among modern homes since they greatly enhance the beauty of interior decorations. It is designed to automatically produce sound once it is struck by sunlight. They come in different designs and play beautiful sounds like a song.

These chimes are more attractive especially at night. Having lots of sunlight in your porch can make this chime begin to produce nice soothing sound which can soothe everyone’s nerves.

Chimes are also used as doorbells, since plenty of people prefer its cooler sound when called by someone at the door.

5. Glass wind chime 

A glass wind chime is a musical instrument consisting of several thin, hollow glass tubes which are blown by a fan or stream of air, each tube being tuned to the same pitch.

The sound is produced as the tubes resonate with one another. The design of the chimes can be varied according to the desired effect and the music that it produces. Glass wind chimes are most often used in combination with other instruments to produce an ensemble sound.

Final words

Overall, wind chimes may come in different sizes, designs, and shapes, but their unique charm and universal appeal is unmistakable. Make your home more peaceful. 

Havind a wind chime in your house brings great fun to the family as well as peace and happiness to your house. It’s a beautiful piece of art with its lovely sound and unique design.

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