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Antler Lamps & Chandeliers with Rawhide Lamp Shades for Rustic Décor

Antler lamps are elegant and absolutely unique. Natural antlers are rare and are coveted by both outdoorsmen and animal lovers. Lamps and chandeliers made from antlers are best suited and most desired by those who prefer southwest lighting and western décor.

Antler ceiling lamp

Antler lamps are made from the ‘antler sheds’ which the animals shed every spring as a natural process. These antler sheds are found in a few places including Jackson Hole, WY. Every year antler sheds are gathered from these places and are used to make antler artefacts like chandeliers, lamps and even furniture. White tail deer sheds are widely used to make antler lamps that are quite popular. One more favorite antler lamp that is popular among rustic décor lovers is made from mule deer sheds that are slightly darker in shade and larger than the white tail deer sheds.

The points or forks and tines as they are called in the antler shed is different in each shed which is what makes every antler lamp to be unique it its own right. This unique feature makes every antler lamp or chandelier to be a one-of-the-kind priced possession. Drilling and patching techniques are employed to create the best quality antler lamps that are perfect without displaying any hardware or even a trace of the wiring.

Antler lamps

Nothing can be better suited to provide rustic lighting than antler lamps, which makes them perfect for cabins, log homes and western style ranch homes. If you are looking for lighting fixtures to compliment you south-western décor or your western furniture, then antler lamps and chandeliers are your best choice. You can enhance the rustic effect even further by using authentic rawhide lamp shades for the antler lamps, chandeliers and sconce. These lamp shades are enhanced with hand lacings that give a warm glow to show your rustic décor to its best advantage. Moose and elk sheds are the most striking among all antler sheds and are used to make some of the most remarkable and exquisite antler lamps and chandeliers. This is due to the large size of the sheds that makes it possible to create stunning designs in elaborate chandeliers, huge floor lams and exquisite antler furniture.

Another attractive feature of these antler lamps and other light fixtures is that they are virtually maintenance free. If rustic décor is your cup of tea then antler chandeliers, lamps and furniture made of authentic rawhide will enhance your décor like nothing else can.

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  1. I love the western and the rustic look. A country decor look with antler lamps and chandelier is a great idea for that southwestern
    decor that brings to life the old west.They are classy and elegant in style, and still gives the tridition of the west, and makes any room comfortable and wonderful to look at.

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