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Return of the Rustic Home Décor


While the sharp cold lines of contemporary décor is still favored by some, the warmth and comfort offered by a rustic or country décor is the most sought after decorating theme of today. The simplicity and functionality of rustic home décor is combined with contemporary elements by decorators to give a stunning look.

Until recent past, there has been a marked difference between ultra-modern, upscale home décor and the down-to-earth, comfortable but affordable home décor. While upscale magazines displayed perfect homes styled with sleek lines in glass and chrome, the magazines for Mrs. America featured comfortable homes filled with warmth and comfort. Homespun fabrics, solid rustic furniture and rag rugs drew the guests to get cozy near a functional fireplace. Today the gap between the two styles has merged to create the most sought after decorating style that blends the classic charm of rustic homes with the stylish lines of a contemporary home. This new decorating style features mostly natural materials like stone, wood, cotton, linen and silk which are blended well with floor plants and quaint decorative accessories.

Sophisticated rustic style livingroom

If you too are interested to blend in a little rustic charm to your home décor, here are some suggestions that are put forth by decorating experts to help you out. If you are starting from scratch, you can consider a country cabin look with wood wall panelling. These rustic walls have wide wood planks that give a rough-hewn but warm look and feel. A few strategically placed country crafts can transform the whole room. You can use a patchwork quilt with classic lines on a contemporary metal framed bed. Country style appliquéd pillows thrown on homespun sofas can bring in the rustic charm to your living space.

Antler lamps and chandeliers or antler hangs to hold hats can create a hunting loge ambience. Simplicity, functionality and charm come together in a rustic décor to provide a practical but enchanting décor that everyone can appreciate. The type of flooring also plays a major role in contributing to the rustic décor. While a solid, hardwood flooring is best to enhance a rustic décor, stone flooring is also a good option. Stark stone flooring when contrasted with soft rugs and homespun carpets is perfect to complement and enhance the rustic décor.

Rustic style bedroom

South-western designs and patterns in woven wool or a Hudson Bay woollen blanket will bring in the rustic charm and masculine grace that is perfect for this setting. The important thing is to keep everything simple and subtle. Take care to provide a lot of open space with very few but charming accessories. Make sure to choose colors, materials and lighting to enhance the rustic effect.

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