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Arrangement of Our Wall Hangings


Some paintings, photos, memorabilia, mirrors, and clocks are the most common hangings on the walls that we are always seeing in almost everyone’s home. All the objects that we are choosing to display can tell our visitors a lot about us, whether the pictures that we hanged are a reflection of our personality or even a representation of our artistic creativity. The walls in our home can be stark and simplistic or even a formal focal point, either way our wall hanging plays a very important role in our home, although, arranging hangings is quite hard to do.There are a lot of interior decorating rules on about how high we should hang our things on our wall. There are also some rules of extended rectangles or even some directions to be able to reach a balance composition. But then, our best decorating tip should be easy and if it looks great and even does make sense we can just leave it all alone.

As being said, there are some general guidelines which can help us get started in decorating our walls such as the following:
• The scale permitting and size.
Our living room is the room where we chose to display our largest, best, and most striking artwork. And in which we place our large mirrors and paintings over our sofa, fireplace, or even at the top of our piano. This surely makes sense. All the large furnishings will surely overpower the small ones.
• The required height of our hanged frames.
This is where our common sense shall step in and make the hanging of our artwork a lot easier. If our picture is quite difficult to admire and see, it is either being hanged too high or even too low into our walls. In some other cases a single frame must be hung with the center of the picture at our eye level or even a less high than that.

• The third and last guideline that we could consider is by simply grouping our pictures.
We could try to hang our pictures in groupings with an odd amount such as 3 frames, or even 5 plates for a best impact. We can start by laying out our desired frames on our floor. Arranging our pictures with a solid background color will surely help us give us a clear idea on how we want them to be displayed.

Whatever guidelines it is, we should always remember that we should be arranging hangings on our walls properly to have a pleasant set of wall hangings in our home. This is being considered as one of the possible decorations that we can add into our home. Some of these are our great possessions in our life that we wanted to share with the other people who are going to make a visit in our house.

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