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Home is a place of residence or sanctuary and comfort. It is usually a place in which a person or a family can rest and be able to store personal belongings. As the size of your family continues to grow, you need more space within your place. Our homes take on so many different roles as a place for entertaining guests, family time, marriage or relationships, self-time, home office. You may need to have a room for your hobby and so we need to make our home more spacious and relaxing. There is a question hanging in my mind that will surely make your curiosity work: how to create a feeling of space within your home? We all wish to have the best looking interior for our home, don’t we? It’s what makes you feel fine within when the whole thing is in place the way you really want it. When your home’s interior connects with you, it makes you feel absolutely at peace. On the other hand, when your home is not decorated the way you want it, it makes you feel uncomfortable to invite guests into your home. We’ve all been there, feeling awkward when you don’t think your home measures up in style, color, comfort and space.

But of course you are creative! You can make use of features in your home to create a more open part in it. Redecorating is a brilliant idea to make your residence more airy and bringing some simple design into your home can often enhance and give the feeling of space in the area you would like to change. Here are some ways in which you can create more space in your home:

a. Look around your home, observe and make a list of things that you want to set aside and the things you want to remain.
b. Make use of mirrors strategically to make small spaces feel larger in the area; it can trick the eye to imagine that the home is much bigger than it is.
c. The right lighting can make a heck of an improvement; it can make your home look bright and dazzling.
d. Create a more open floor plan by removing a wall and replacing it with a new support beam and columns this will allow differentiation of areas with minimal view of obstruction.

Those are some of the ideas on about it. It is just a matter of strategy and creativity. Remember that you can save money by doing your own way of improving your home with the help of your family. It is not just about saving; it is also about family teamwork and bonding by sharing ideas on at the same time.

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I love writing about interior design. I am in love with achieving harmony at home to improve the well-being of my family. I usually write for the "Visitacasas" blog, both in Spanish and English, and personally answer the questions about home decoration of all our users.

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  1. One of the things we love to do is rotate our decorations. We don’t always do it by season, but we’ll just put one thing out for a while and then change it out for something else. It really keeps the house fresh and interesting. We don’t have time to get bored by any one item.

  2. Home is our space of peace and home is meant for ‘guests, family time, marriage or relationships, self-time’ etc. And it is possible to turn this space look relaxing and provide comfort. Just a little translation of the things which we see and use daily may turn our home into a thing of beauty. ‘A thing of beauty is a joy for ever’. Of course this is from Keats. Interior decoration can change the environment of the home when your inherent creativity becomes active. This blog has important suggestions on how we can create more space.

  3. Home is where we try to find rest, peace and happiness. It should be made as pleasant as possible which can take away all our external and internal worries. Removing things which haven’t been used since long and rearranging things to be fit in the best possible way can help to provide more space. Instead of decorating with expensive items internal plants can be given the corner places to refresh our home.

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