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Basic rules on choosing your Toilet seat Cover


Choosing toilet seat cover for your bathroom may not seem important for many people. Some people may think that toilet seat cover is unnoticeable. This statement may not be true because toilet is the number one reason people go into a rest room or comfort room. Here are some of the most basic rules in designing your toilet seat cover.

• Upon designing your toilet seat cover, it is not necessary to match everything around inside your comfort room. Your bathroom mats don’t have to match your toilet seat cover. Contrasting shades may complement each other. This principle can also be applied on toilet seat cover. Examine the existing color on your bathroom before choosing a toilet seat cover.
• Experiment on the color of your toilet seat cover. Do not only stick on white, black, blue and green. There are a lot of unique colors available for toilet seat cover. One of the great places to hunt unique toilet seat cover is in the internet. Do not be afraid to use bold color on your toilet seat cover. Your bathroom will surely have a great impact on most of your visitors. Whether you like it or not your bathroom will leave the most permanent impression of your entire house. Your bathroom is the most public and personal part of your house. The best color for your toilet seat cover can be seen if you put some effort into it.
• Do not copy your neighbor’s style. Remember, that if you once saw it in your neighbor’s house, it most likely seen by everyone. Try to be unique and practice individuality when choosing the right toilet seat cover. Express your personality and identity when decorating your bathroom.
• Avoid using appliqué or beaded design on your seat cover. This kind of design is not a very nice idea. Sometimes beads can make irritating noise while lifting the seat cover. Do not use any kind of ribbon on your toilet seat. This can be very inconvenient for your visitor to maneuver around the bathroom.
• Do not use silk seat cover for your toilet. This can be a very expensive way of decorating your toilet seat cover; stains may stick on the satin cover and may require constant replacement.
• Bright colored and fuzzy covers are also very impractical. This can be suitable for your child or teenager’s bathroom.

You can be the most admired lavatory of your neighbor, if you will be very intelligent and bold in choosing the right toilet seat cover for your bathroom. Experiment on having different color rather than staying on the conventional color of many seat cover. Always be a wise buyer and go for the most affordable seat cover available in the market.

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