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Bathroom: Toilet Cover Make-Over


We go in and out of our toilet room every day. We use the toilet at least 3 or more than 5 time a day. Now, when decorating our toilet room, why do we always overlook the toilet when there are many things that we can use in order to decorate it? If you’re thinking that the toilet cover will not be seen, well which of the following things in our toilet room do we always use or see? Moreover, decorating our toilet won’t be a waste of time for the toilet is the basic or primary part of the area we’re talking about.

There are different available toilet seat covers that you can see in the malls. But, don’t be hasty and buy anything that looks “jewels” in your eyes. There are different things that we need to bear in mind when looking for a toilet seat cover for our beloved toilets.

First, look at the different colors inside your toilet room. Does it compliment the color that you will choose for your cover? One tip is that you can use contrasting colors because it compliments one another. You can also ask your friend in the hardware store some samples so you can pair it up with your toilet and see which will be the best result.

Second, don’t go for the primary colors like red, black and the likes. They are not the only colors in the world. Go out and do some research. The internet can be a very trusted and reliable source if you want to look for colors. Maybe you’re thinking that you’re doing too much but remember, the bathroom can leave quite an impression if you have guests. If you have a great bathroom, your guests will think that you’re very clean and very resourceful. A perfect color combination is what you need in decorating your comfort room.

Lastly, don’t just copy what you see. Use your imagination and creativity. Just because you saw it in the TV or your neighbor’s doesn’t mean you can do it also to your own. Have an originality or individuality of your own! Let your bathroom say that you are what they see and let it reflect your very own personality. That’s the secret in having a great bathroom.

If you’re thinking to use beaded toilet covers, please remove that idea. It is impractical and it would only lead to such inconvenience to the users of the bathroom. Don’t also use ribbons because it will only confuse and lead to an embarrassing position. Another impracticality that you might need to remove in your mind is using silk. Silk is easy to stain and very expensive. Bright colors are a big no-no unless you’re a child or a teenager.

Simplicity can be a big help in decorating your toilet room. Don’t be hasty and let it be disastrous. Remember, the bathroom is a reflection of your personality. What and who you are can easily be determined once your guest used your bathroom. Good luck in decorating!

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