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Bathroom Makeovers: The Perfect Countertop Material


A countertop is basically the horizontal workplace where you do all sorts of things depending on where it is located. It is well distinct from other horizontal articles of a room such as tables; because they are usually pinned at a wall and is commonly supported by cabinets underneath. Bathroom countertops are as essential as any other countertop in your house and knowing the good material to use is crucial for your bathroom design.

Bathroom decor

First of all, consider the humidity and moisture of a bathroom in general. And for this reason, we’ll have to let the wooden countertop go. There is just too much moisture and humidity in a bathroom that a wooden countertop would just rot and decay quickly; thus, effectively ruining your bathroom makeover.

Natural stone countertops would probably be the de facto countertop to use; especially for bathroom use. The most commonly used stone for this kind of countertop would be granite. Granite is an ideal countertop material because it is a very sturdy material. You can whack your pans and pots into a smoothly-shaped granite slab but it would not budge (well, it would probably crack and chip with enough force; but it would never get smashed to pieces by conventional methods). The other reason why it’s a good countertop material is because it’s a rock solid slab. Meaning, no drop of moisture can ever seep to the very interior of the rock; and it would not erode quickly when soaked in water even for a very long time.

Plastic laminate is another common countertop material that is used as a granite slab substitute; and is effective for countertop use regardless of whether it is for a bathroom or for something else because of its mass production capabilities. A plastic laminate countertop is actually created from materials that are closely related to wood; but is artificially treated to survive most of the other things that an ordinary wooden countertop cannot.

Crafted glass may be an unconventional material for a countertop; but it sure is one of the best countertop materials when we speak of aesthetic design. The glass can either be tempered or textured depending on your preference; and it gives that lavish ambience that any other countertop material could not bring up perfectly. A forewarning though, crafted glass countertops are usually made with very detailed customizations; and it could really hurt the budget if you don’t know what you are dealing with.

Colorful bathroom tiles

But nothing is closer associated to a bathroom than tile countertops. Tile countertops are created with the same kind of tiles that are also used for the walls or floors of a typical bathroom; and can either be ceramic or made of stone. The installation of a tile countertop is also the same as how you would install the tiles on a wall in the bathroom and is probably the best countertop material in terms of compatibility to the overall design and ambience of a bathroom.

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