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Set the Right Mood: How Tub & Shower Faucet Styles Set a Mood


The bathroom is a very essential part of one’s home. This is where everyone spends time daily may it be in the beginning or the end of one’s day. As you get ready for work or for school, do you feel energized towards your bathroom’s surroundings? As you prepare for bed, do your bathroom surroundings help you feel relaxed? Your surroundings greatly influence how you feel. Dull environment makes you feel plain and flat while a peaceful environment makes you feel calm and peaceful.

Shower faucet

The right bathroom design can raise your spirits. Every detail counts, starting with your tub and shower faucet design. Tub and shower faucets come in different styles to highlight your bathroom. Below are some considerations on choosing the right tub and shower faucet and the ways how tub and shower faucets set a mood in your bathroom:
• Structure of the faucet – Faucets come in either single lever or double handed. Single lever faucet or ball handle allows you to quickly readjust the water thereby bringing out a fast paced and energetic mood. On the other hand, the double handed faucet brings out a soothing feeling since your both hands may adjust the temperature and the pressure.
• Style of water spout – Water spouts come in either long head, angular or spouts with detailed embellishments. Long heads with graceful curves give out a gentle flow of water and a calming sensation. Angular water spouts give more fashionable, ambitious feeling. Spouts with detailed embellishments give out a sense of formality and sophistication to the user.
Modern bath tub

• Shower head design – Shower head designs come in large size, small size or hand held. For a more peaceful feeling, it is recommended to get a shower faucet that has a large head. To get a more energizing feeling, it is preferred to get a shower faucet with a small head while a hand held shower head that are graceful looking give out a more serene feeling.
• Faucet finishing – A faucet may come in a variety of colors and sheens. Classic chrome is suitable for any kind of mood. The shinier, the more energized the bathroom becomes. Satin or brushed finished subdues the mood and gives out a more peaceful feeling. Black faucet finishing brings out an exotic feeling while a white faucet finishing brings out an efficient stimulating sensation.

The right tub and shower faucet can truly add up to a great mood and can truly enhance your bathroom. It may help to check out designs from magazines, the internet or the nearby store so that you can choose the best design for you. With a large variety of tub and shower faucet designs available to choose from, surely you will be able to choose the best one. Just remember that the right bathroom design can lift up spirits and a fantastic mood in your bathroom. Every detail counts – that is by starting with your tub and shower faucet design.

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  1. This is timely information for me. I’ve been shopping around for bathroom fixtures and have been focused on the finish mostly. This article has given me more to think about before making choices. Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in the house in terms of the amount of time spent and resale value.

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