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Bed Canopy: Living like a Princess

Most women would probably want to live like a princess. They would want to have a beautiful room, one which would represent femininity. That is why most women design their own rooms, giving a spice of a princess’s life even from the tiniest detail inside the room. Yes, in fact, even the bed can be designed in such a way of a princess’s bed. That is through installing a bed canopy.

Four-poster bed canopy

Buying a four-poster bed canopy with would be too expensive, and there are many easier ideas in creating a bed canopy. Take for example the use of different kinds of rods. It’s easy. Hang one curtain rod just above the headboard, then another above the center of the bed, then another above at the lower part of the bed. These curtain rods can be hung at the ceiling to be sure that they won’t fall at the bed. After installing the rods, get a fabric of your chosen design and wrap it on each of the rod, making a part of the fabric flow in between the rods. Another way of doing this is by using shower curtain rods. By installing the shower curtain rods with the use of hooks, it is easy to put on flowing curtains on the two sides of the bed and on the headboard and the lower part of the bed.

There is also such a thing as crown canopy. A crown canopy is only placed at the headboard of the bed. Just install a cornice board on the headboard’s wall then choose a colored fabric to drape at the cornice board. The fabric will then flow accordingly at the head of the wall, serving as the crown canopy.

Girls bed dosel

A shelf can also be used as a crown canopy. Just put a shelf at the top of the bed, leaning the wall. The fabric must be installed on the shelf to meet the wall. It should be wrapped on the four edges of the headboard. It is advised to use an embroidered fabric outside then something smooth and silky in the inside. Be sure to cover staples with embellishments such as tassels. To simplify things, one can just install some hooks on each corner of the bed, serving as four posters, and then buy a canopy fabric from the department store to be hung at each of the hook. This traditional canopy is made to fit in a four-poster bed.

These are just some of the ways in which women can have a four-poster bed with canopy to feel like a living like a princess without having to buy from the department store. All of these are cheaper ways of creating a bed canopy with only simple materials to be used. These are simple yet effective ideas in creating a bed canopy.

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