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Creating a Princess themed Bedroom for your Little Girl


Perhaps being a princess is a young girl’s ultimate fantasy, they daydream about being treated like royalty, living in castles, wearing frilly dresses and everything that goes with it. Let’s face it, we may not be able to bring the actual lifestyle to our little angels but we can give them the next best thing; redesigning their rooms to have the same royal palace effect. Nothing makes little girls feel special than a room designed for royalty, like the ones described in fairy tales. Easy as it may seem, but there really are a lot of things to consider. Here are some ideas to aid you in your conquest to pleasure your little princess.

Princess bedroom

Princess Room Make Over
The color theme is very important. Although pink is very popular to most young girls, you can always ask for her personal opinion. Conceptualize a color scheme that features her favorite color, enhance with other hues for more drama. Take note of elegant looking colors like light blue, purple, lavender etc. Use your Imagination. You can adapt a castle-like effect to the walls; you can draw designs using paint or just buy castle-faux stone designed wallpaper for it. You can also decorate the ceiling, floors and windows. Additional details like a butterfly wallpaper border, or with flowers, faeries, and crowns will also go a long way. The smallest of things counts.

The Royal Bed
As seen in every fairy tale story, each elegant princess has her own equally glamorous bed to sleep on. Make your little girl’s dreams come true and make her one. Get a bed with four high posts; create a canopy with an arrangement of soft fabric or ribbons. This effect is very popular and most girls will love it. Aside from the appearance, the cushioning of the bed should be fit for a princess as well. Make sure that it will offer the best comfort possible. Use silky fabric for the bed sheets, blankets and pillows. Matching the colors in the bed with the room’s color scheme will provide stunning results.

Painted headboard

Other stuffs
Now that you have the room set, you can shift your attention to the extra details. You can replace the knobs of the door, drawers, and dressers with fancier knobs which are usually available in hardware stores. You can also use lighting effects to accentuate the ambience of the room. Add a bookshelf filled with fairy tales so that you can read it to her before she sleeps.

If you are not planning to surprise your princess, you can design the room with her aid. It would be a lot easier for you. And because of her involvement in the project, she will surely love everything in it. Designing your princess bedroom can also be a great bonding experience for the two of you.

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