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Better Way to Identify a Ceiling Texture Type


Hiding ceiling imperfections is a common problem most house owners encounter; it’s a common problem that should be addressed properly to be able to stop it from worsening. You can easily add texture and bring back the beauty of your home just by doing simple methods. Hand identifying ceiling can be a tiring process, but it will surely bring back the glow inside your house, save you lots of money and satisfy your needs.

Best decorative ceiling

By simply changing color, texture of your ceiling, your home is look amazingly different. It can change dramatically the look of the entire house. There are various color and texture that can make your home or room unique and very attractive. Most of the time, textures are often used to hide imperfections, dry, dull, plain ceilings. Since it can’t be covered with curtain, posters and other decors available for walls, only paint can hide the seams which are not really pleasant to the eyes of visitors. There are paints available for walls and ceilings that are available in leading hardware and online shops.
Ceiling decoration

Here are some helpful ways on how you can put textures and handmade paint your ceilings:
> You will need to buy a bucket premixed flat paint, roller and string.
> Cover any furniture with used paper to avoid mess.
> You can now start edging the whole ceiling with a plain compound.
> You can double the layer of plain paint with another colored paint, you can use paint brush, sponges, your hands, or stencil to add design to a plain ceiling. You can also stipple it with a whiskbroom, crumbled paper or any other material you would like to use.

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