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Some decorative ceiling tips


It is true that the ceiling is an essential component in creating an overall presentation and look and feel of the house. For so many years, people have believed in the rule of thumb—use white ceilings to make your room appear spacious and comfortable. As people in the 21st century started building homes with a modern look and feel, the need for a ceiling makeover became more than just a trend, but a necessity!

It’s time for the perfect ceiling fix! Decorative ceiling is the way to go to get that modern look and feel that you’ve been dreaming of for your dream house. There are numerous ceiling decorations you can choose from: paints, lighting fixtures, murals, ceiling panels, wall papers, etc. But it is a challenge to choose the best ceiling decoration to go with your walls—that is the main key. Your ceiling should match the walls of your house.

Best decorative ceiling

Here are some things to take note of when you’re doing a ceiling makeover:
• Choose the right paint color. If your house has a high ceiling, then you are in luck. High ceilings give you an advantage to play around with colors more easily as opposed to a low ceiling because adding color to a high ceiling is a great way to add a comfortable feeling to the room rather than an imposing feeling. Colored ceilings can make a bedroom more intimate or a library look warmer. If you painted your library walls green, choose a lighter color for your ceiling like tan or ivory. In this way, your ceiling won’t stick out in a very unfashionable way; having a white ceiling to go with green walls can really be shocking. On the other hand, playing around with the colors when doing your ceilings can give you a lot of options in terms of the colors that you can use with your walls. In the end, white ceilings can be limiting!

You can also paint your walls with murals or make use of non-solid colors. You can paint a clear blue sky in your wall or grass if you want to spruce up your children’s rooms. You can also use wallpapers of the color of your choice on your ceilings.

• Light fixtures. Light fixtures come in different shapes and forms like chandeliers or ceiling fans. Light fixtures can also come with accessories such as a ceiling medallion which is becoming more popular nowadays. Choosing the light fixture depends on the style that you want. Whether you want a classic look or a modern look, there is a wide assortment of light fixtures you can find in furniture shops and malls. For a classic look, you can buy a vintage-inspired light fixture to go with your ceiling.

• Decorative ceiling panels. Ceiling panel is becoming a trend nowadays. Ceilings panels not only decorate your ceilings but can give added insulation to your house. Insulating your ceiling is a great way to keep the room cozy because it keeps the air from escaping your roof. Ceiling panels can also give sound protection and acoustics to a room. If you want to minimize the noise coming in to your child’s room, you can use ceiling panels to deaden the noise. Some ceiling panels are metallic colored and some are paintable so you have room to experiment with the color.

Decorative ceiling for homes

• LED light display. Putting a LED light display in your ceiling is expensive, but worth it. It is a good way to amuse your guests or create a certain emotion in the room. LED displays can depict the outer space, or stars, or sky.

There are so many things that you can do with your walls. Who would’ve thought that ceilings can be fun to work with anyway?

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