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9 Helpful Hints to Bringing nature inside a room


Many people opt for a decoration dedicated only to nature since it proposes an infinite range of possibilities for space; while allowing you to connect with the earth. A nature themed decoration allows you to light up the space; and bring accessories that help you bring the room to life, a better life.

The theme of nature as a decoration for a room aims to transport you places that transmit peace; this in combination with the meaning of space rest. To achieve a style that unites the different tendencies that exist for this type of decoration and; to create a space in which each detail covers prominence is very simple. Just follow these tips we give you at Decorating Visita Casas to make the process simple and fun.

The Color is Important!

Nature Room
White and Green = Eco Deco

What color to choose for the room is really important since it will define the theme of it. Keep in mind that when it comes to a subject about nature neutral and clear colors are the best; especially those that represent the earth and the connection which we have with it.

So; the most recommendable are light earth colors which you can mix with the Kale; a dark green or Greenery. These tonalities will allow you to establish a link between earth colors and the tones of nature; we can also mix it with other colors like turquoise or aquamarine.

After we chose the color, it is necessary to define what kind of furniture we should have inside the room.

This is a basic rule to begin with. Start with color as it will set the decoration line, then continue with the furniture and last the accessories.

In this case, the furniture should create  harmony with the color of the walls.

As the theme is nature, then you can choose pure wood furniture, or oaken furniture. You can decide whether to give it the roughness of the woods by placing dark color furniture; but do not recharge the space, since you could make the room to look smaller than its normal size.

Nature as a decorative motive allows you to make the most of one of the best advantages you have, natural light.

That is why a space with light colors and windows wide enough for natural light to get in is perfect for this theme. Otherwise, if you decide on dark color for the walls; the ideal thing would be that you chose dark wood furniture to contrast and balance the place.

Here we show you some examples for you to have an idea:

Get in Touch with Nature

Nature Room
Plants! A lot of Plants!

One of the reasons why people choose the theme of nature as decoration is because they either live in small spaces; in the concrete jungle or just want to get in touch with the spirit of the land. But they do not even have a park to do it, that is why, the most important element of this type of decoration are the plants.

Yes, plants are the accessory that should go, it is a must!

Whether large or small, you must take into consideration that to place them inside the room you must choose those that can stay away from the sun without suffering or die.

However; they will need little clarity to bring their development process out. But the important thing is that there are species that although in gloom they prosper, for example: the philodendron, it does not need sun and fits very well to interiors with artificial light. From time to time you can take it outdoors to get some sun.


Is also a perfect choice for this type of decoration, its stem, as it grows, is folded forming loops.

If you do not have a lot of time to take care of plants, this option is perfect for you; you only have to place it inside a container with large rocks, water and renew it once every seven days.

Another plant that does not need sun is the fern. This type of plant grows in forests of humid and gloomy areas. You may have to place it in a condensed environment in order to extend its life.

The good thing about these options is that they are plants that can be placed in any small space in the room, either on the bedside table or in the chest of drawers.

But if you want a large and practical floor plan to place in a corner I recommend yucca, native of North and Central America and does not need water or sun regularly.

Plants are not your thing?

Nature Room
I love this decoration

But if plants are not your thing but still want a decoration with nature as motive; another fascinating option is the creation of murals.

A touch of art mixed with the theme will become the focal point of it.

This idea can help the room to come to life in a different way; you can try and do it yourself, but if you think you do not have what it takes then do not worry, since you can choose a gigantography which is adhesive for walls and print it; so you can choose the theme you want and the size of it, although it is advisable to make it big enough to cover the entire wall.

The focal thing about this decorative theme is that you keep in mind that each element is important for the room; and that it should give you both the peace that you are looking for and which evokes from nature.

So you should be cautious when choosing furniture, accessories and colors which will be present in the room.

Nature Room
I really love this little birds!

Finally take into account the bedding. Yes, it may seem absurd, but it is not. Since these will give life to the environment, especially if you choose those with nature themes.

The truth is that there is no margin for error for this type of decoration and you do not need to be an interior designer, you just have to know what you want and start from there.


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