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Simple Ideas to Reinforce your Living Room Decoration

Living Room


Living rooms are considered the center of all homes. It provides access to almost every corner of the house. A place where the whole family can have fun together; and especially where you can entertain and welcome guests. The Living Room provides a window to almost all of the key functions of one’s home, and it is very important that we know how to decorate them properly and neatly.

Before you start decorating your living room, you must first know the entire room’s “specifications”. Is the room spacious? What is the general shape and layout of the room? What kinds of furniture will nicely fit in the room? Does the room provide enough natural lighting? In other words, you must know what your living room is actually doing before you even consider creating a specific theme for the room. That’s why, here at Decorating Visita Casas; we bring you this series of tips so you can add more power to the decoration of your living room, even if there is already an established decoration.

Decorating the Living Room like a Designer

Living Room

[one_half_first]After knowing your living room’s “specifications” it’s now time to decorate the room. If you have already picked a certain theme for your living room; then you may already start decorating the room according to what is prescribed in the theme that you have just chosen. However, it would not hurt to have some nice living room decorating ideas while you’re at it. [/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

That’s why they first step is to check how sunlight affects the brightness of the entire room. If the room is too well lit because of the rising sun; you might want to add a few translucent curtains when decorating your living room’s windows.

This way, you are able to filter that bright sunlight from entering the room freely, and at the same time, adding quite a nice touch of the morning sunlight that slowly scatters across your living room.

Remember that we are decorating the living room as a designer would; for that reason always takes into account first these two elements: space and illumination.

Then, to be able to design a technically correct space at a professional level and at the same time beautiful; you should try to avoid committing some of the most common mistakes that beginners make.

Although decorating is a wonderful experience as we see how an idea in our mind comes alive before our eyes; this process can become very bitter when frustration or nonconformity strikes. If you want to avoid feeling like this, pay attention to the following.

The Color

Color is the third most important element, even if you have chosen a minimalist style for the living room; you should not omit the color. White, beige and gray are neutral or cool tones that give a feeling of spaciousness to every room; but the lack of warm colors will lead to boredom and even depression.

Living Room
Living Room

Add touches of warm colors by taking advantage of the smaller decorative elements that you will use in your living room. Lamps, cracks or a carpet; Can create the contrast you will need so that the passive color of your furniture and walls will not devour you.

Thus you will have a minimalist space but with details that give joy and personality.

Do not Use a Same Element for Everything

To think that everything must combine from the floor to the ceiling is a very common mistake when designing. Combine shapes, prints and materials without fear.

You will notice that this way you will create a more interesting atmosphere and you will turn your living room into the favorite zone of the guests; you cannot ignore the fact that the living room is the space destined to meet with friends and guests. Unlike the kitchen that is the place of common meeting of the people living in the house.

Design the Points of Light with Time

Living Room

Beyond the consideration of natural light, there is the artificial light that will accompany them during the dark evenings. You cannot just stay with the ceiling lamp you loved so much.

Light is the decorative element par excellence; and it is necessary to compensate for the absence of light during the night in a creative way. We at Decorating Visita Casas have seen and designed living rooms that by day have a look and by night another; All thanks to the use of lighting.

Consider adding table lamps, wall candlesticks or floor lamps; so you avoid creating a window-like appearance, which is what happens when you have a single luminaire in the sky of the house.

If you do it in time, you will avoid wiring in sight or inappropriate connections; it is never good to decorate under pressure a space that must be seen every day by those who live in it.

Distribute the art correctly

Placing the frames too high or too low can mean a decoration failure; and is more common than you think. You should place them at eye level so that they can be appreciated by all.

Although you can create a corner of art where they do not depend on straight lines but varies both in frames and in patterns; These dynamic spaces must be worked in the same way as light: with time.

Use the correct size of carpet

Living Room
Living Room

Carpets are expensive pieces capable of renovating a space in a wonderful way. The problem is that, when the correct size is not chosen; at the moment of integrating it in the decoration will be so forced that it will appear to “float” in the decoration; And not in a harmonious way.

Whenever you can buy a custom carpet buy it, if you cannot, then there is the option to cut it according to your needs.

The carpets do not have to be square obligatorily, but what we do recommend the following; Try to keep all the furniture in it, at least the majority.

This will notice the diversity in the decoration but without affecting the balance of the nature of it. Do not forget: it does not have to be square; a round carpet where furniture rests and a coffee table is a great choice.

Do not buy impulsively

Although a decorative element is a reflection of our character; large items such as furniture should not be acquired impulsively.

Planning is necessary before beginning to add any piece of furniture; Even if you get one that was “just what you needed” before you buy it you should study your decoration one more time.

Living Room

Plan the placement of the furniture and how the color of the new element will affect it, will you need to upholster it? Should you completely eliminate another element of decoration? Where exactly will you place it and how will that affect the aesthetics and functionality of the decoration?

These questions must be able to answer them without hesitation; and the only way to get to the answers is to first analyze the decoration and then the anatomy of the furniture: form, functionality and color.

Properly distributes furniture

Many people believe that by setting their furniture in “L” or all folded to a wall; will have more space. But the truth is that a feeling of emptiness will be created; and at the same time you will have an area that you will not be able to use.

It is best to create attention points and think that when your family is there and even some guests; Feel comfortable and attracted to different areas in your living room.

And Finally!

Living Room
Living Room

The best way to avoid that all those efforts and reinforcements that you have invested in the decoration do not come down is: do not put anything in front of the entrances of natural light.

From the beginning we considered the windows and windows of light, therefore, even if you think that big furniture would be right on that wall; do not put anything in front of windows that obstructs good air circulation or lighting.

Obviously the curtains are exempt from this condition. Follow these tips to the letter and you will notice that not only can the decoration be reinforced by adding elements; Can also be achieved if you know how to add them or even without knowing when to remove them.


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