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9 Helpful Hints to Buy extra large furniture

Oh yes! Buying furniture! Whether it’s the first time or the fiftieth. Buying furniture for home will always be a great experience but; it can also literally be a big experience if you want extra large furniture.

It is not a matter to be taken lightly because we are not dealing with precisely light objects. When it comes to tips or tricks; the one with the best card under the sleeve always laughs in the end.

And in the matter of purchasing extra large furniture that is also very heavy, we must always respect certain criteria. Would you like us to break it down for you in this article?

How to Buy Extra Large Furniture and Survive the Process

extra large furniture

You may think I’m exaggerating, but let me ask you something and if you do not know the answer, then do not underestimate the fact of buying very large or heavy furniture. How many kN / m2 do you support the floor of your home in the bedroom area? If you know the answer then you will know that I am right.

Can your floor actually sustain the weight you’re planning to add on it?

Assuming you do not know the answer; then read on but this time with regard. Although international construction guidelines state that all floors, including attics, support +/- 2 kN / m2.

The problem is that we do not all know exactly what that means and we do not worry about the weight of our furniture at the time of purchase, unless they are obviously very heavy.

We are the main drawback

The problem lies in us, so it is. We who irremediably become infatuated with a specific piece of furniture; of that particular series and if it is not the color we want then it will not serve.

The point is that very seldom we ask ourselves how much this furniture weights. We do not worry as much as we should in questioning the exact measurements; not of the furniture, but the space available at home.

Truth is that you can’t purchase this type of extra large furniture in most of the leading stores near you. Most of them may only have this furniture in catalog; sometimes just on display. That is why it is important that you first become aware of the space you have available at home and; if your soil would withstand such weight without cracking.

The key is to be a smart shopper; there are several small but important details to take into account to solve the possible disadvantages that may arise. So let’s list them one by one.

The space you have available

Whether it is a piano or a large piece of furniture with drawers, the first thing to consider is whether you have the space to have it. But I do not mean that you take measurements in the free space of your house, no.

The decoration of a home is significantly affected by this type of large furniture; it simply becomes the center of attention. The quality of its finish, the amount of space it covers and how it stands out from the rest of things, all are factors that inevitably make big furniture the protagonist.

So you should consider the fact that the focus of your decoration will change drastically, unless you have enough space and you are just starting to decorate.

Take the measurements and if possible use an internet program for interior design (something basic, the free ones that are on the web for fans); so you can study how the measures of your home are reduced and affected by the new furniture.

This process can be done at the same time as you check the online catalog of the stores you plan to go to.

extra large furniture

Once you have determined where the furniture will go and how you will integrate it to the rest of the decoration you must be prepared for its arrival! If the rest of the furniture is just as big and heavy despite having space for a new one.

It is your duty to prepare the space beforehand so that people can pass the furniture through the corners of your house; any accident due to an unclear space is not on the delivery companies but on your.

Buying extra large furniture

The most important detail of all comes, we may say, to buy the furniture in the store. And most of the times, as we mentioned before, this type of furniture is located in the main warehouses of stores but not in the branches.

Many leading stores will offer you a catalog and you may even appreciate the piece of furniture on display, but then they will give you the big caveat.

That piece is just for display, we must order your item!

This means two things: extra expenses, furniture will not arrive in the expected time.

Although the most conscious distributors include the price of handling and shipping on the purchase invoice of the furniture; There are others who hire a third party delivery company or ask the customer to hire a company specialized in making this type of deliveries.

In any case everything translates into more money than what you paid for the big piece of furniture; which in most cases is an important sum because its massive construction; although it makes it a long-lived and quality piece, it also makes it more expensive.

extra large furniture

Thinking about that, the best thing you can do is choose those stores that have their own delivery service and above all they have the piece there in their own warehouse.

Otherwise, before buying under the terms they offer you.

Study the online alternatives!

If you have already seen the furniture, you have checked that you do like it and it does have the measures that you had considered, it is time to go to online stores that sometimes offer very juicy offers and even free shipping.

It is practically to take advantage of your local shop as if it were a catalog in three dimensions. But, since they are failing to meet all your expectations; you go to a virtual store that offers a guarantee of fair delivery, a reasonable price and; that they deliver on time the furniture you like so much.

Installing the extra large furniture at home

The new piece of furniture, although it may take a while to get there; Should be installed in the minds of those who live in the home since much earlier. That is, it frees the space in your house that will be destined to the new furniture in advance.

The idea is to completely adapt completely to both the decoration and you. Those additional pieces that will go inside or on the furniture; wrap them so that they are well protected and store them in a safe place, where they do not interfere. That way you avoid putting them in another place that will then be empty.

If the furniture has pointed corners, it is the moment to analyze how close arms and foreheads of people are going to be when they circulate around the furniture. Will it be necessary to add additional protection? Is it really convenient to have it there?

There are many questions you can take advantage of, since answering them will help you decide if having that huge piece of furniture in a determined place is a good idea.

Of course, all these are tentative measures and previous tests. Once the extremely large piece of furniture arrives you will know exactly what you are against to.

But! Heads up!

Always! Always study the integrity of the furniture before they get it off the truck in which they bring it. Do not let people lower the furniture without a previous inspection.

Take a camera and a flashlight with you; even the most prestigious leading stores make mistakes. Their reputation is not due to the lack of errors, but to the fulfillment of the guarantee and a quality service.

Inspect the extra large furniture as much as you consider necessary to prevent a previous handling defect from being taken into account as “damage due to bad handling by the customer” and the warranty ends voided.

Once your new, extremely large piece of furniture comes out of the truck; it will not be the responsibility of the store but yours. You should also do this if you used a contractor other than the store where you purchased the furniture. That’s why you hire a delivery service that offers a guarantee for damages prior to delivery.


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