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Turn your discarded bed into the hippest living room furniture


You have an extra or a discarded bed and don’t know where to put it. You don’t also want to junk it just like that because you want to economize its use. Then, we say that your living room just got the perfect space for it. You can follow some of the ideas and suggestions below on transforming a bed into living room furniture.

Alternative 1. You can transform your bed, minus the headboard, into a sofa. Just position your bed against the wall of your living room. Then, cover it with a burly cloth. Allow the cloth to go over the bed and down to the floor. You can use sturdy textile for this such as denim, corduroy or tweed. Add big size square pillows against the wall to serve as back rest for your sofa. You can also place some more pillow cushions on top of your makeshift sofa so it will be comfortable for anyone to sit on. You can also add some smaller pillows as accessories.

Elegant livingroom

Alternative 2. Turn a twin-sized bed into a table for your living room components. Minus the headboard, strategically position the bed in front area of your living room. Add a cover so it will not appear obvious that it is a bed that you are using. Choose a fabric with a good design to give you an elegant appeal. You can also decorate it will ribbons or place table runner to accessorize it. Then start moving your living room appliances –such as television set, DVD player, speaker and radio component– and arrange it on top of your bed-turned-living-room-table.

Alternative 3. You can convert your small size bed into a centerpiece of your living room. You can simply put cover around the bed and place it at the center with your sofa around it. You can also place a table runner on top of the cover to add variation to the style. Then put some small living plants on top of it. Choose the best plant preferably those that bear flowers so it will add life into your living room. Decorate it by arranging stuff toys or small pillows around the plant. If you find using the table cover too loaded for the eyes, you can also use it without cover. Just repaint the bed using the color of your choice. Usually neutral colors such as white, tan or dull gray could easily blend with any color and is also very light to the eyes. You can also cover the bed with glass. Just go to your hardware store to have a piece of glass cut in a way it will fit the size of your bed.

Sophisticated rustic style livingroom

Alternative 4. Turn it into a daybed. Just position the bed at one corner of your living room. Put the bed sheet on and place some pillows. For the bed sheet, choose something that is not heavily printed with different designs. Get something that is designed with some geometrical figures instead. You should not also get the bright colors as this will overshadow everything in your living room. If not used as a daybed, arrange it with pillows scattered around to add a little drama. You can also place one or two stuff toys as decorations. This is very useful especially if you have babies in your home. They can play in this day bed without disturbing anybody. Of course, if you feel you want a nap, then this is perfect for you, too.

You don’t have to worry anymore of disposing your bed but instead enjoy the new thrill it will bring to your living room. Use one or combinations of our options above and a guarantee that your bed will become your hippest living room furniture.

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