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Colors should be done up according to the direction of the cardinal points



Feng Shui in decoration is much more complex and mysterious than people believe.

So much that, according to the colors we use at the time of decorating, we can positively or negatively affect the flow of energy.

That is why I now want to talk about the tones in the decoration according to the direction of the cardinal points.

I know it sounds complex and a bit far-fetched, and yes, it’s complex, but to say its far-fetched would be a mistake; it is the reality and the best we can do is to understand it. To use it in our favor.

The Colors and Cardinal Points

First of all is to get the materials that we need to do this work in the right way. This is a very precise science, so get quality materials to minimize the margin of error.

Materials are:

  • A compass.
  • A 360 ° conveyor
  • A large rule
  • Draw a picture of your house or draw a sketch

Once you have all those items on a table, then you can continue reading; take all the time you need.

Ready the materials! What’s next?

Well now we will determine in what cardinal quadrant the entrance of your house is. Within the compass you can see numbers out and numbers in.

You should focus on the exterior numbers because, it is about seeing where your house goes, always forward.

To do this, locate the north first using the compass; once this is finish you can then determine the cardinal direction towards which the main entrance of your house is pointing.

If you have the plan of your house or if you have already made the sketch, it is time to use it. Once you have located the level of the entrance of your house, draw a line from there to the center.

Now you can begin to separate your house from the center outwards according to the cardinal quadrants of Feng Shui.

There are nine, although some people do not take into account the center of the dwelling and refer only to eight quadrants, but we will talk about that.

Each cardinal quadrant receives a name, here I introduce you:

  • North = KAN, 22.5º – 67.4º
  • Northeast = GEN, 67.5º – 112.4º
  • East = ZHEN, 112.5 ° – 157.4 °
  • Southeast = XUN, 157.5º – 202.4º
  • South = LI, 202.5 ° – 247.4 °
  • Southwest = KUN, 247.5º – 292.4º
  • West = DUI, 292.5 ° – 337.4 °
  • Northwest = QIAN, 337.5º – 22.4º

Having determined in which quadrant the entrance of your house is, it is time to know the characteristics of each one and the most favorable shades; Remember that it is a very precise science and the flow of energies should never be underestimated.

Also, this is the hardest part so do not give up if you’ve already gotten this far.

North – KAN

It is the cardinal direction that is associated with the element of water and much to do with matters of work and professional growth.

Being the water element that governs it, the elements that are linked to it are: metal, water and wood.

When we refer to colors, then we have:

  • White
  • Silver
  • Gray
  • Dark tones for water
  • Green tones for wood

With that knowledge we can go to the chromatic circle and choose the color combination that we like the most. What could be used? For cushions, carpets, walls, textures; in whatever you want

Northeast – GEN

It is the cardinal quadrant that is associated with knowledge, wisdom and tenacity; with our ability to obtain what we want through intellect and study.

This sector vibrates with the energy of the earth. He favors the elements: fire, earth and metal.

Consequently, its shades are: reddish, orange, yellow, ocher and white, silver and gray.

In the chromatic circle there are a lot of earthy tones, which combine very well with reddish, especially on the floors; In addition to that the silver ones also integrate well to this decoration.

Always remember to use no more than three colors for decoration.

And keep the ratio 60% – 30% – 10% at all times; being the 10% of the brightest color that you apply in the final decoration.

East – ZHEN

This is the cardinal sector that is associated with family energy, with the strength of strength. For this reason the elements favor it: water, wood and fire.

The ZHEN as well as the XUN are governed by the wood element; although the XUN greatly influences money, the abundance and arrival of everything we want and need to emerge at a material level.

I recommend you use bright yellow and turquoise; Exotic colors in nature but at the same time simple in their composition, all in a metallic or gray base.

South – LI

This cardinal quadrant is associated with fame, recognition and success; its element is fire, but it is also favored by wood and earth.

White tones and pastels are a soft alternative for this quadrant.

Southwest – KUN

Ruled by the earth element, corresponds to the energy of the mother; Affection, tenderness, unconditional love with discipline. But when we talk about business, it also refers to the relationship with employees.

Fire and metal colors can also be used.

West – DUI

It is strongly linked to creativity, to children, to glamor, to what shines, to what everyone wants like a bigger bank account or a new car. It is associated with grays, whites and circular shapes.

That’s why it is good to take advantage of objects that are naturally circular like mirrors, pots or picture frames.

Northwest – QIAN

They are linked to the benefactors, people who help us get ahead both materially and emotionally. As with the DUI, it is governed by the element metal but always in its dark tones.


It is ruled by the yellow color and represents the health of everyone in the home, is governed by the earth element and this is amplified by shades of red, orange, yellow and metallic tones.

What to integrate in the different cardinal quadrants?

Have you heard of ZEN Gardens? As they are a very powerful addition for the most important quadrants at that time of your life.

To make one you will need a square box preferably of wood, silica sand, not sea sand; And three stones.


The sand will represent the sea, while the three stones represent the islands of Japan; Because of that it originates. However, in the philosophical aspect; the sand symbolizes your thoughts and your emotions; while stones are those problems that you have to go through in your life.´

Every ZEN garden is very important that it contains an odd number of stones, as they represent the imperfections of the human being and come with a rake to draw paths which represent your ideas; those strategies that you think or analyze in order to make the best decisions.

Treating a ZEN garden is an exercise in meditation that I advise you to always place in the center, east or southwest; Are ideal to promote an atmosphere of peace, balance, health and concentration.

Additional Secrets

Although I have shown the map in MACRO, you should know that this concept can be reduced to a simple stay of your house; Be it the bedroom, the living room or the garden. You can make of your space, a center of power cardinally aligned according to Feng Shui.

Maintain a ZEN garden, place in the DUI quadrant your professional certificate or diploma and use a strong green personal talisman at the center of everything to be in constant contact with your health.

This topic is too broad to cover it correctly in a single article; so later we will talk about the ways and how to work energy power centers. For the moment, by just choosing the right colors, you will notice a change in the flow of energies immediately!

Best of Luck to You!


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