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Decorate your dream bedroom with red and brown


Almost everybody’s favorite place is the bedroom because it is the only place where you can do whatever you want or whatever you feel. It is where you rest, sleep, change clothes, watch television, read books and definitely the perfect place where you can enjoy, relax, be comfortable and be who you really are that is why it has to be the best place in your home.

Choosing the colors for your room can be really confusing that is why it must match your personality, your career, and every aspect of your life. The bedroom furniture, the appliances, the color of the walls or perhaps the design of your wallpaper, the bed including its sheets must be of harmony because it should be a place where you can clear your mind and where you can totally unwind. Like everything in this world, every color has its own story to tell and every characteristic that might describe who you are. Now, let’s consider decorating your bedroom with red and brown.

Contemporary bedroom

The feisty red signifies passion and excitement. It represents energy, intensity and confidence. It can be a good accent to the classical brown if you want a subtle place that represents the earth and to bring out its beauty. A lighter and a bubbling shade of red can bring out youth and joy to your conmporary bedroom especially for teens or younger people. Dark red like those of red wine as an accent can bring elegance and grace to your bedroom. It is a perfect design for working people or teens bedrooms, and those who are in higher social status. Dark red as a color for your walls however may not be a good idea since it would bring out too much intensity and it can really be overpowering. The color red has played a significant role throughout history. It has been a color for those who dwell in magic and sorcery. People who achieve wealth and power are more comfortable with this color since they believe it attracts luck and power.

In decorating your room (or a boy´s bedroom) with red and brown you must consider different shades from every part of your bedroom. Like having cherry red curtains to a comfortable light brown sofa. You must always picture in your mind your dream bedroom especially in decorating accents and putting furniture so that you may not end up overdoing it. Dark brown is a perfect shade for studying because it brings out coziness and warmth. You can also have dark brown as an accent which brings out a deeper meaning to your sexy bedroom. They say that dark brown shade draws unfathomable attention to men than those of women. Although people who love adventures and risks may find this color quite boring however it could be a great color to neutralize your energy and intensity for your Feng Shui bedroom.

Decorating your bedroom with red and brown is not a common combination but you will be surprised on how it can be the best combination for your dream bedroom from the color of your walls to every accent of your room. Just remember in decorating your room always go for what you want, start with your favorite colors but always consider the basics when it comes to color combination and interior designing.

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