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Cool and Trendy Colours to Spice Up Your Home


When it comes to choosing the correct shade for your home you always end up in a dilemma whether to get the sane beige and grey types or go in for more trendy and fashionable colours. The right colour can change the entire look of the house and can transform even dull and boring furniture to look dazzling and vibrant. So do not overlook this aspect of decorating in the hectic work schedule of finishing up your home.

Usually people go in for beige or grey colours as they suit almost any type of home décor (like the japanese style). But at the same time they may give a lack lustre and monotonous appearance to the building if not applied properly. For example if you have bright and contemporary furniture and accessories, lighter shades of beige will not look good, instead go for more brighter shades that will match the intensity of the room.

Bright colours

If you are not sure about the bright shades you can get different varieties of beiges and greys at your local home improvement store. These will give you an idea about the colour to opt for. Beige is best suited if you want to go in for the warm, sunshine type of atmosphere.

Greys are the choice if you want a cool and roomy look. Blue or lavender tinted grey shades are best for a clean and fresh look. There are even green or pink undertones to the grey shades which add a lively touch to your décor. They go well with light coloured furnishings.

If you decide on the furniture and accessories first and then start selecting the optimum colour to go with it, zeroing on the right colour will be a whole lot easier. So if there is a lot of black and navy in your furniture then choose orange or pink shades of beige. In case of brown and red shades of furniture, go for cooler grey shades with tints of blue or lavender.

Light and relaxing colours

If you feel both beiges and grey shades are not suited then try green shades which go well with any colour of furniture. They give a trendy and cool appearance when applied in muted tones.

Choosing the right colour will bring about a dramatic change to the entire appearance of your home, so do not miss out on the selection of the appropriate colour. Instead of going in for sane beige colours try the various shades of beiges available and grey shades too. Bright colours are more suited to the exterior decor of the house than the interiors. Muted tones of yellow, blue and green work well with the interiors and give a warm, bright and appealing look.

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