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Curtain Ideas: in 5 Easy Ways!


Curtains and drapes are considered an integral part of your home décor. You don’t need to be costly just to have an elegant and attractive curtain that fit to your window treatment. All you have to do is be creative and resourceful! In choosing the right curtains to your windows, it is best to remember the basic design principles particularly the color, line, texture, form, and space. You should also take in consideration the basic design principles with the individual elements to mix with the cornice boards, window treatment hardware, window valances, and decorative curtain rods.

Curtain fabric has different light diffusing qualities and all you need is to decide which type best suits your taste and satisfaction. I have known some range of fabrics that certainly will help you in choosing curtains. Curtain fabric that have dotted Swiss are pretty and delicate lightweight cotton with small raised dots. If you like curtains with lace, you should bear in mind that lace is known for its delicate mesh openwork design. Organza or organdy fabric is lightweight crisp cotton sheer. A toile is a cotton fabric with a finely printed design that looks like a pen and ink drawing while a calico is a cotton fabric with small floral print on a contrasting background. If you already have the curtain fabrics then don’t forget the headers of curtains which add a lot of style to your window. The most common header that costumers are using is the pinch pleat. Pencil pleats, which resemble like smocking, and various other shirring designs on the first few inches on the top of the curtain, gives an exclusive corollary to the curtain.

The most important is you should always pay attention to the purpose in which your window serves and its location to your home. If you want to place a curtain for your kitchen or cafeteria then the café curtains is for you. When using a café curtains, you should cover only the lower half of the window with only a valance on the upper half. Indeed doors give message to the house. If you have doors near to a window treatment that like to be enthralling then all you need is a door curtain. With the use of door curtain, window treatments on a door will be affix to the door itself to prevent it from getting stuck between the door and the door frame.

Door curtains are usually hung onto a rod that is attached to the upper part of the door which you can find somewhere above the glass. Usually windows are located near to a wall and you observe that it is too plain then the wall curtain is perfect for the spot. With wall curtain, you just have to cover the wall from one corner to the other and it usually covering a number of windows in the process. Tracks are used to hang wall curtain because of the voluminous size instead of a regular curtain rod. Don’t forget to hang your chosen curtain decorative rods that made from brass, wood or rod iron; or finials, tie backs, swags, sheer window coverings and shades. If you don’t have well rings or can operate with tracks can do the finishing touch!

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