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Decorate the Art Deco Way


First and foremost, before we even discuss the aspects and the guidelines on how we can do decorating in the art deco style, let us all know first what art deco really is. As being defined, art deco is the famous international movement of art design from the year 1925 up to 1940s. This is the type of decoration that was offered way back then and was a glamorous style of living for the new era. As a matter of fact, it is composed of the blended or mixture of architecture, fashion, furniture, jewelry and fabric design, and some interior designs with smooth and sleek lines and yet can still give its user the comfortable feeling that they ought to have and feel. Another thing is that, the items designed under the art deco style are modern materials which can surely keep up with the changes of time. So, if you are actually in search for a possible art design that you could use for your home or office, why not try the decorating in the art deco style? This will surely attract and catch the attention of those people who are going to visit you. Furthermore, you’ll be amazed that these designs and styles are actually up-to-date with the modern and trendy style of decoration around us. Decorating in the art deco style is seen by a lot of people as a very elegant type of design that you, your friends, as well as your family members, will surely love.

Maybe you are wondering, where exactly the art deco style can actually be used. Well, art deco styles are usually being used on flooring, lighting, accessories, and a whole lot more. And as added information, if you are going to use the art deco style, it is advised that you should always consider the type of color, as well as texture. Like for an instance, those color schemes which include black can actually be mixed up with green, red, and white. And as for its texture, commonly the surfaces of art deco items are sleek and clean. These two, color and texture, must be well-coordinated with each other so that both will mix well and look good with each other.

And for us to be able to know more about decorating, it is a must that we should seek and ask the experts on this one, especially with regards to the possible colors that can be combined and used in our home or office. Doing so will surely ensure that all the items in your home or office will look good and coordinated with each other. Let us let them help us all the way and let them decide which design and style we should use that will surely fit our lifestyle, as well as our personality.

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  1. There are of course two types of decorating using the art deco style. The original style uses the dark wood, amber, black and white style. The second is the modern art deco style where chrome or aluminium is used along with bright vibrant colours.
    Suppose it depends on your personal tastes.

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