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Decorated and decorative papers for gifts


Decorative paper gives artistic enhancement to your gifts (gel candles, decorative glasses, etc.) , projects and belongings by making them impressive and presentable. This paper also satisfies your need for an alternative natural paper material, which can be used in producing one-of-its kind utility decorative paper products such as handmade paper boxes and other items. Paper is a complex matted web of cellulose fibers. Paper is prepared from different plants in different parts of the world, depending on what is native to that area. It is made by using the plant of choice, and beating it into a pulp. Then water is added, until the pulp becomes slurry and the slurry is then sifted against a screen until it forms an even layer. When it dries, a sheet of paper is formed. Initially all paper was made by hand, a slow and tedious process yielding unique and beautiful sheets.

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The Modern commercial paper is made using high speed machines which, while very efficient produce inexpensive paper with little of the character of hand made sheets. A lot of the artist paper today is manufactured using a process known as “mould made”, where a modern machine manufactures paper using mechanical processes that emulate the hand made paper making process. Mostly the papers contain something called “sizing”. Sizing is starchy, glue like substance mixed into the paper pulp. Good quality papers are rated as pH neutral (generally buffered to achieve this goal). The better papers are called “acid free”, based on the materials they were manufactured from.
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This paper can be prepared from various sources such as watercolor paper is available in as many as four different surfaces. While another paper is a Bristol Paper that is made up of Solid or laminated heavyweight paper made to a caliber thickness of .006″ or higher. Another decorative paper is the Laid Paper with a prominent pattern of ribbed lines in the finished sheet. The Machine-made Paper that is produced on a rapidly moving machine which forms, dries, sizes, and presses the sheet. While the Rag Paper is a Paper with cotton fiber content between 25% and 100%. A Text Paper is a Paper of a weight suitable for the pages of a book or brochure. A Wove Paper is a type of paper with a smooth, even surface made using a mould with a fine wire mesh. Over all Decorative papers comes in different forms and styles and are used widely all over the countries.

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