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Learn the basics of gel candle making


Jelly candles (like soy wax candles), or more commonly known as gel candles are made from gel wax. They are basically made from combining mineral oil and polymer resin. Due to their unique beauty, gel candles are more preferred by many people. Their popularity has risen due to the fact that they burn and last longer than the usual paraffin wax candles. Gel candle making is a fun activity to do, plus it can turn out into something profitable too.

Gel candle step 1

Gel candles do not only light up your home or improve your bathrooom, but it also adds beauty to it. With different variations in sizes, shaped, designs, containers and scents, they can truly make any home into a fabulous one. You can then customize your candles with designs to perfectly match a specific area of your room. Decorate your houses with easy to make gel candles. Aside from it decorative bedroom purposes, these candles can also be given as gifts to friends and loved ones. Surprise your family and friends with unique and customized gel candles you yourself made.
Making gel candles step 2

Gel candles are just easy to do; you can make one right in your own homes. Here are the materials and the basic steps in candle making.

1. Gel wax.
2. Candle scents and dyes.
3. Wicks and wick base.
4. Container.

1. Melt the small pieces of gel in a steel pot. Wait until the gel turns into smooth syrup like liquid to ensure that all the gel pieces are melted.
2. Add the dye for the color you want to achieve and the fragrance for the desired scent.
3. Using glue or wick base, glue the wick at the bottom center of the glass container.
4. Carefully pour the melted gel on the sides of the container in order to avoid the formation of bubbles.
5. Slowly pull up the wick and allow the gel to cool. If it’s already cool, cut of the wick.
6. After cooling, the candle is now ready for burning.

Making gel candles step 3

Now, you have your very own gel candle made in just a few hours. For a personal touch, you can add designs on the container and alter the color of the gel candles. You can also make layers on the candles by pouring different colored gels on top of another. Another variation you can make is by altering the scents of the candles. You can also place customized designs on the glass container for a more personal feel.

Gel candle making is a very fun and exciting thing to do. Now you can enjoy the happiness gel candles can bring. Design and adorn your homes with these customized gel candles and see how they can turn your home into a more sophisticated one.

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