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Decorating by Installing a Decorative Wall Paneling


One way of decorating a room to give it a look that you would want it to have is to install a decorative wall paneling. Installing one would not only add beauty to your room but it would also hide the uneven and the bumpy walls that you would want to have covered. Here are some tips on how you can start the installation of the decorative wall paneling.

Installing a wall paneling

The first thing that you can do is measure the wall where you would want to have the paneling. Start by measuring the length of the wall in feet and then add all the measurements. Divide the added measurements by 4 and you will get how many paneling you would need. When buying a paneling, buy some extra sheets in case a pattern needs to be followed when you hang it on the wall. Most paneling comes in 4’x8’ sheets and so you would have an idea how many and how much you may need for your installation plan. You would also need a molding to go with it and so in choosing the color of the molding, make sure it matches the color of the paneling. Prepare carpenter’s horses or if you do not have one, end tables or sturdy coffee tables may do. You would also need rotary saw to cut the paneling and a jigsaw for cutting the paneling at electrical outlet openings. Make sure you have a company when doing this, your spouse or your children may help you in putting up the paneling that you need.

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