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Many times we think that we do not have what it takes to make a decoration that pleases us, but nothing is further from reality. Surely you must remember your days of childhood, when any stuff that you found; if you liked it you kept it. Well, this time the information on this decoration advice is precisely in those junk; your old collections.

Both for the people who collect dolls, and for those who accumulate different models of toy cars. This is the option of using them to decorate your home; and thus not only have your memories in sight, but will serve to honor those who have affectionately given one or two of those objects. So take out all those boxes of memories and get to work.

The Trunk of Memories.


[one_half_first]From sea shells to buttons; from cassettes of the 80’s to today’s compact discs; there are countless objects that are the main protagonists of the most varied collections in the world. And all of them can be part of the decoration, of the decoration in your house. [/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

Because there is nothing better than to decorate your home using that which brings back good memories; and surely with the passage of time you have accumulated many objects that are important to you. Objects kept in the corner of the closet, or in the bottom of a drawer.

The most common collections and sure you have one

There are more than 300 types of collections. Most do not have a specific name; but among the most known and common kind of objects that people collects, we can name:

  • Postage stamps.
  • Books.
  • Sugar sachets.
  • Coins of all kinds
  • Owls
  • Ticket collection.
  • Dolls.

But there are other types of objects that you will surely have by quantity although you do not realize; you just have to rummage through your belongings and you will be surprised.

An example of this to begin with, are the postcards of your friends and family.

Start your own collection of postcards; as they are excellent memories that you can frame and place on the wall, or next to the photos of whoever sent them to you.

Surely when they return to visit; you will be glad to know that you have preserved something that for them was a simple decision.

Dolls and Cars

It is also very common, above all for our grandmothers; to go collecting figures of porcelain or old dolls. But there are young people whose hobby is to accumulate a large number of them; of varying sizes and designs.

Dolls have as much variety as people in the world; and if you are proud of your collection then show it. In a series of shelves is the key to display that collection of dolls; and that everyone in the room is marveling with them.

Toy cars are also a very common collection, which eventually evolves into miniature versions of full-scale models. If you are passionate about this type of collection; a good place to show it is in an office or study.

The most beautiful collections for a home come from those objects that are part of nature. An example of this are the collections of butterflies; a part of the scientific investigation of insects.

Many of these collections are framed in beautiful wooden boxes with glass top that are ideal for hanging as pictures.

There are also people more nature lovers and their collection of butterflies is limited to just the image of these; accumulating them in photos, prints and designs on crockery that is never used.

How to use your collections in the decoration, without seeming a mess.

There are many ways to show what you collect, here are some simple tips when showing that little side of you that perhaps nobody knew.

  • Choose the right place: The pieces should be in a place that makes them the focal point of the room.
  • Keep all the pieces together: If they are watered by the house; it is likely that your collection will not be noticed by the visit.
  • Look for the right lighting: That miniature houses you may own remind you of a small town or city.
  • Sort them by size: Depending on the collection, by placing it in the correct position, you keep the view of the viewer moving.
  • DON’T Collect dust: The pieces you collect accumulate a lot of dust by being static for long periods of time. Frames or place them inside glass boxes.

There are plenty of ways to use your collectibles at home.

For example, a lot of photos of your travels will serve to cover a whole wall; and make sure you have something to tell in your meetings with friends.

Geometric patterns like circles, triangles or rectangles; and the contrast between pieces are some things you can take into account to make your collection feel when it comes to decorating.

A collection of glass spheres, for example, is much more striking when placing the largest in the center; and using the spiral form, organize in order of size the remaining.

One advantage of glass is the refraction of light. Light it up and you will see a spectacular result.

The idea of every serious collector, is not only to accumulate things, but also to exhibit it, so start to build your courage.

Don’t forget the shelves!

Make up your mind to buy shelves; a set of shelves which you can get in any furniture or decor store. What you should take into account is the space in your home, a place where it does not obstruct is step and at the same time is visible.

As a curious fact, in the world of collections and collectors, is the collection of Barbie dolls. A man in Singapore has a collection of more than 3000 dolls of this character, from the first editions to the most modern ones. Some valued at almost $ 4000.

To be a great collector you do not need to make long trips or spend large sums of money; any object can be a collection item; only finds what you are passionate about and brings you pleasant memories of your childhood, important moments in your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Most collections end up showing objects of great value, not only sentimental but also monetary. There are objects that although you do not know, are so rare that anyone would pay large sums of money to observe and obtain.

Coins, signed photographs of celebrities or stamps are one of them. Objects so valuable for the small amount that they exist today. The past of those objects that you have in your home may surprise you; you just have to investigate.

It will take your time to accumulate something that is worth showing the world, but when you decide to use your collection as a decoration do it with pride; because constancy is what matters most when it comes to accumulating the objects of your choice

Perhaps someday, you will be among the most famous Guinness records by the largest collection of unique objects of its kind.


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