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Decorative Wall Covering Suggestions for the Budget-Conscious


Interior designing need not be outrageously expensive. Creative wall covering ideas for the do-it-yourself interior designer are an example of a money-saving option. Here are some suggestions with fun titles on how to decorate your walls while still on a budget.

The Beaded Wall
If you are a genius at making patterns try out this whimsical wall covering idea. For this kind of wall, you may use monochromatic beads or multiple colors, either covering up the whole wall or just a small portion of it. You may try spelling out words with the beads or even depict a picture with them. About the beads, you can buy different kinds in different shapes and sizes. To be on the safe side, use a pencil to lightly sketch out your design or shape on to the wall before you start sticking the beads on. Have an extra-strong household/crafts glue on hand to stick the beads into place.

Delicated and classic bedroom wallpaper

The Chalkboard Walll
If you are an artist with the craving for self-expression always, you may opt for the Chalkboard Wall. Special chalkboard paint bought from a department store can immediately change a wall into a chalkboard. Simply apply it on the wall as you would regular paint with a paintbrush. Let the paint dry and then affix a small wooden box in a convenient spot on the wall using a nail or strong glue. The box will hold the multi-colored chalk and eraser. Each day that you wake up, you can create a whole new wall design and even write down reminders on the wall if you are inclined to forget things. This wall will also definitely be a hit among the kids.

The Placemat Wall
Placemats can be tastefully made into wall d├ęcor with the right eye. Make a balance between the colors and the texture of the placemats. You can decide to use various types of placemats in one design or just one type in different colors. The idea is to give the impression of a quilt or of a modern artwork. Placemats made of plastic, fabric, bamboo, etc. may be used, but make sure to use extra-strong household/crafts glue to affix them to the wall. The various textures that the placemats lend to the wall add uniqueness and interest to the room.

Psychedelic style wallpaper

The Corkboard Bulletin Wall
Inexpensive corkboard tiles stuck to the wall with extra-strong glue or spray adhesive is another budget-friendly wall covering idea. It is also functional at the same time. You can place photos, artwork, notes, reminders, and all the manner of personalized items to display on the corkboard using pushpins.

Enjoy these creative wall covering ideas without breaking the budget.

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