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Decorating Your Room with a Modern Cornice Board


We have been used to cornice boards placed on top of our windows and it looked like your window had an elegant touch. However in the long run, you find it boring and somewhat monotonous. However, the cornice board’s trend has come back, and it came back with better designs and ideas making it a unique and exciting design in your room. The purpose of this cornice board is to add depth to a window, or have a focal point in your room or it is even used to hide an unsightly hardware. A cornice board is not so hard to do; you can even make it on your own and design it whatever you wanted to design it to suit your taste and match the theme that your room have. You can also make it lighter by using materials such as foam or foam core board.

Wild west styled cornice board

If you would be using plywood for your cornice board, have a jigsaw ready however if you would just like to make use of foam for a lighter cornice board, a serrated knife and a candle would do. Other things that you might need are the fabric of your choice, beads, braid trim or tassels or other things that may add in making a personal statement in your cornice board. Here are some things that you might want to consider in making your very own cornice board.

Make interesting shapes. You can actually design you cornice board making use of the different shapes rather than the traditional box shaped one. If you are designing a room of a child, a face like cornice board may just set the theme of the room. You also have the choice of designing it like a car, or a balloon shape or any design your child would love or you can have an elegant design if you want to place it in your room. Let your artistic talent come out. Like any other work of art, this can be your outlet of the artistic talent that you have. You can paint your cornice board with designs that you would want to have or the theme that would just go along with the theme of your room. This is the perfect way to express yourself through art.

Elegant cornice board

Give it a theme that matches your room. If your room has that certain theme, you would not want to have a cornice board that is not going with the room’s theme. Find ways; match the colors or the designs to make the cornice board suitable for the rooms theme. Or you can cover it with a cloth that matches the colors that you have in your room. These are just some of the ways that you can make your very own cornice board that would really add an artistic touch to your room.

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