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Decorating Your Table for an Easter Dinner

Are you planning to host a dinner party for Easter? This is an idea that you will surely love to have on how you can make your table preparation have that fun and fresh look. This is a cost-effective idea for you to have on how you can make your table setting have the spring feel using fresh springtime flowers.

Here are some ways on how you can add a touch of spring to your Easter dinner table that would help you save on decorations as well as time in making these decors.

Your Table Top With an Easter Design
On top of your table, you can place a cake stand or a glass pedestal at the center. Instead of candles, make use of flowers to fill a glass candle holder. Make use of freshly cut flowers such as roses or tulips. You can also make use of silverware to add some shimmer to your table. The fun part is the mixing of colors on what you will be placing on the table, like the colors of the plates, the wine and water glasses, the salad plates and maybe even cards with a tulip design that your visitors can bring home as a souvenir. You can also add colored eggs to give it the Easter feel.

A Meadow at the Table
You can actually create a blooming meadow scene inside your home by designing your tabletop this way. You can make use of this design with an urn or container. You can make use of your available green grass for you to fill in the container that you will be using. Choose a container that is at least 4 inches deep with a tray or a cover at the bottom so that the water will not leak as you place this on your table top. Fill your container with potting soil, and then add the grass seeds that you will use. Sprinkle it with potting soil and regularly water the seeds. This makes your indoor lawn. Now creating your meadow is next. You can now cut spring-bloom bulbs of flowers that you have or you can purchase them at local floral stores. In your container, you can now dig small holes where you can place the blooms. Then place on your table top for a lovely centerpiece. This is now décor that you can place on your table top to announce the coming of spring.

There are a lot of ideas that you can use to design your table top thus giving it a spring feel when celebrating Easter with family and friends. These are just some of the treatments that you can give your table so that you can enjoy the spring feel inside the comfort of your own home. This is an idea that will give your table that fun and fresh feel during an Easter dinner.

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