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Roses for Your Springtime Decoration


Roses are beautiful flowers as we see them bloom in our gardens. This is a spectacular sight especially when we see our roses all bloom at the same time. This is a wonderful scene that we can appreciate even from inside our homes. With the use of our very own beautiful roses from the garden, we can turn these blooms into astonishing floral décor inside our homes. If you do not have the roses that you need in the backyard, your nearby florist may have just the flowers that you need. There are lots of decorating ideas that you can have with the use of rose buds in your home. Here are some roses decorating ideas that you can make use of for you to have that great décor. Décor with the use of roses is not only limited to placing them in a flower vase and placing the vase in one’s room.

You can make a wonderful centerpiece with the use of the roses during your dinner time. However, this centerpiece can only be used once. You can make use of water vials that you can purchase in your local floral store. Stick the stems of the roses into these vials to keep the flowers fresh and tuck them into a bowl of apples. After the dinner party is over, be sure to remove the flowers from the apples because of some reaction which causes the flowers to wilt.

Floral Bases
You can make floral bases for your teapot or your candle to enjoy a candlelight dinner. Rather than placing only a candle on your table, add some beauty to the candles by making a candle base out of roses. You can simply attach wires to the roses and pile them up at the base of the candle. This is not just a beautiful design but it also adds a pleasant smell that you can enjoy.

Roses Arrangement On Top of the Table
If you have a long table prepared for a dinner party especially for a buffet style, roses in groups placed on a lovely glass container would add beauty to the decors that you have on your table top. Choose a variety of glass containers that you can make use of in your floral arrangements so that you can have a variety of looks. You can even add empty bottles for style. In an event that has a theme like a wine-and-roses buffet, you can make use of wine glasses and champagne flutes as your vase.

Picture Garlands
Roses do not only make a great floral arrangement that you can place on your dinner table, they also make beautiful garlands that you can make use of in to decorate your picture frames. Dry rose blooms or purchase dried rose blooms in floral stores, then pierce each dried rose bud until your garland is filled with flowers. Afterwards, hang them on your picture frames on the corners. Then add some silk bows to add art to your garland.

These are just some of the rose decorating ideas that you can make use of when decorating your home for springtime.

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  1. Flowers are great! As you mention, there are many ways to use them, and something is always in season. Regarding wall decor, I tell people: don’t hang up a nice picture of flowers – get actual flowers. It’s perfectly easy to have the real thing!

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