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DIY Butterfly-themed Bedroom


When your little girl is growing, and she would have shifted from the Disney-themed bedroom to, say, like a butterfly motif room, you, as a parent, would most probably want to consider doing the redecoration yourself and touching up the furniture, curtains, and other fixtures based on you and your child’s creativity.

Designing the Wall
Selecting the color for the wall is relatively easy. Your girl might want pastel colors. Hence, pink and purple are usual choices for both the walls and the drapes. For the butterflies, try to conceptualize their colors too. You and your child may want them to float around the walls with brilliant hues such as red, orange, dark green, etc. If you have a desire for a glow-in-the-dark effect, try purchasing paint specially meant to glow in the dark.

Butterfly themed bedroom

Do you feel like a sky with medium-sized grasses would suit your liking? No problem with that, for as you use your imagination, you can absolutely create your own designs. Stencil out a certain pattern and have your way into decorating the room with butterflies, flowers, clouds, and many more. Moreover, you may also make use of wallpapers with the designs of your choice. But in sticking them onto the walls, have someone to help you around.

Selecting the Fixtures
As for the carpet, you might desire something like a bright yellow sunflower mat or a green grass design. Or if you want a carpet to go for most motifs, try one that is subtle gray or a light hue of brown. This will help you save in the cost and will go along your future plans of redecorating. Meanwhile, for the windows, you can avail of curtains with butterfly prints. Or better yet, why not design your own curtain using a stamp? Besides the cheaper cost, with this, you will be able to bond with your child as you both prepare for the room of your dreams!

Butterfly styled room

If your little girl has accessories that are not being used now, you may recycle them too. Plastic gems and pins will blend accordingly with your motif. Try searching through the tinker-tank of your own frills also, and you may find other stuffs to embed on your fixtures. Then, for the bed, pillows, and the rest of the furniture, you may desire searching through shops. There are canopy beds, metal beds with butterflies fixed on them, as well as delicate pieces to top the fixture.

And again, if you want to customize, have a go with sewing. It is pretty easy once you get the hang of it, and true enough, you will have control with the style and design. Fabrics can be purchased cheaper once you scout through bargain and specialty stores in your area, and furthermore, you may also consult salespersons about sewing. Hence, now that you have the spree to furnish your most precious’ room, try whatever means you feel suits you and your child, research, and release the artist in you!

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